3 Reasons to Play Online Bingo

Bingo is returning to its throne of being one of the most popular gambling games in the world. Only now, of course, bingo is mostly played online, using the power of modern, blistering-fast Internet speeds and astonishingly powerful handheld devices. It’s a great time to be a bingo player, not in the least because of the incredible levels of convenience at the disposal of the average person.

But, maybe you’re one of those who aren’t yet convinced about the online bingo situation and have yet to try out. Well, we wouldn’t blame you for being a little sceptical. After all, who can trust a place such as the online world, that seems to be largely populated by “trolls” and cat memes? It all seems a little unnerving and sketchy. Worry not. The “trolls” are a very small percentage of the Internet, and the cat memes are something everyone eventually has to learn to live with. If this hasn’t already convinced you, here are 3 more reasons to try out online bingo.

1. Bonuses Galore

Online bingo websites are notoriously generous. Upon signing up at a bingo website, you will likely be granted a generous sign up bonus. This is intended to help you get into the flow of the games without having to spend too much of your own cash. The exact amount given tends to vary from website to website, but will generally be a pretty healthy chunk of change. Of course, the website is also not going to be okay with you taking the money and making a run for it, so this will only be applicable at that website.

Many bingo websites also operate with a loyalty programme, which means that more bonus cash and prizes are given, depending on how much time the user spends at the website and how active they are. This means that the more you enjoy playing bingo, the more bingo you get to play. It’s a good system, and one that keeps players going with a minimum of their own cash spent. You certainly won’t find such a deal at a real-world bingo hall, which makes the online option very appealing. And no, there are also not very many cat memes floating around at online bingo websites either.

2. Social Focus

Many engage in real-world bingo not as a form of hoping to strike it rich, but as a way to socialise with friends. It is often assumed that online bingo will be a less social experience, but this isn’t true at all. Most online bingo websites are very much focused around allowing people to communicate and have fun. So, you can very easily get your friends into an online bingo game and chat up a storm, just as you would in real life.

Some use text-based chat options, which allows message to be sent and displayed, just like texting on a smart phone. Others even allow live voice-chatting, as if the players were speaking over the telephone. Either way, you and your friends will be in constant communication. You could even make a few new friends in the online bingo world, and who doesn’t need a few new friends in their life? Also, should you run into a sneaky “troll” in one of the chat rooms, looking to be disruptive and make mischief, you could easily just go to a different bingo room, or simply report them to the website customer support centre.

3. 24 Hour Access

Probably the biggest selling point of online bingo is that it is accessible anywhere, anytime – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Real-world bingo tends to operate only at certain times of day and on certain days of the week, but online bingo never closes its doors. If you want to play bingo at 3AM because you can’t sleep, or otherwise just feel like it, you certainly can. There are no limitations to when and where you can play, and if that isn’t something to celebrate, we don’t know what is. This means, of course, that you can organise online bingo evenings with your friends at your discretion.

Online bingo is also accessible with a smart phone, tablet, laptop, home computer, or just about any other device that has an Internet connection. If you’re thinking about curling up in bed while engaging in a game of online bingo on your phone, we were thinking the exact same thing. Or, better yet, how about in front of the fireplace with a nice, hot drink in one hand and a tablet in the other? The options are only limited by your imagination. Although, we do caution you against playing online bingo while in the bath. It’s a great idea, we agree, but most mobile devices tend to do very badly when dropped in water!