A Family Affair

Meeting new friends is a great perk of online Bingo, but for two women it turned out to be more than just an advantage, it was a family reunion too!

Elaine Walker had searched for her sister for 35 years, after she learnt that she had a biological sibling at the age of 25. Elaine had grown up with her adoptive parents in Billingham, England, and once she learnt of her sister she began frantically searching for her, with little to no leads. After 30 years of detective work Elaine was given her sisters surname by an heir-hunting agency, and she finally and something concrete to work with.

Elaine then tracked down Jackie Green on Facebook, and when she did, she noticed that both her and her sister had a number of friends from BingoPort, an online gambling site. Further investigation revealed that not only did they both love Bingo, they had been chatting on BingoPort every day for the last 8 years!

The Terrible Twins

Elaine and Jackie had no inkling that they were sisters, but in an even stranger twist of fate the Chat Manager had given the pair of online bingo pals the nickname of the ‘terrible twins.’ This moniker came about as they were always online at the same time, and often had other chat members in stitches with their great sense of humour.

Little did the Chat Manager know just how true this nickname was, and neither did Elaine or Jackie! The pair had become friends online thanks to online Bingo, but neither had ever revealed their real names. They knew each other only as Whiskey666 and Dukie11, but when they met for the first time in real life it was like they had been friends forever.

An Amazing Discovery

Jackie and Elaine’s story really is one in a million. Jackie said that when Elaine had messaged her to say that they had been chatting for all those years and were actually siblings she just sat and stared at the screen in disbelief. She added that the story was almost unbelievable, and that it was incredible how they had been chatting for so long and had had such as strong connection, but no idea that they were sisters.

The sisters wish they’d met years earlier, but are thrilled that they got to know each other via their love for online Bingo! A spokesperson for the bingo site that they played at said that they were aware many players built great friendships around the game, but to discover a long lost relative in this way was surely the biggest prize ever!