A Few of the Biggest and Best Bingo Wins

A Few of the Biggest and Best Bingo Wins

Bingo has a sterling reputation as a game that offers sociable fun that’s as relaxing as it’s exciting. Its reputation for good-time gaming sometimes eclipses the fact that it also offers truly spectacular wins.

We’re not talking about enough money to spoil yourself with an extra cupcake or two; we’re talking about serious money. The biggest and best bingo wins have the power to alter the course of players’ lives.

Some players became multimillionaires after having spent a few cents on a couple of tickets. Yes, that’s all it took.

Christine Bradfield’s Big Bingo Win

On 27 January 2008, Christine Bradfield, the owner of a garage in Bargoed UK, joined a few friends for a bingo game at Mertyr Tydfil’s Castle Club, where she had dabbed tickets regularly for 11 years.

That momentous Sunday night was all about the National Bingo Platinum prize, which was being played for by almost 500 clubs. We’ve no doubt that Christine hoped she might have a chance of winning, but we’re also sure that, after 11 years of dabbing, she was also looking forward to a jolly good time.

We don’t know what must’ve gone through Christine’s mind when she called out bingo, and found out that she had just beat goodness knows how many other players to £1.1 million in prize money.

It was, at that point, the biggest bingo win in UK history. Despite her phenomenal luck, Christine maintained that she would be quite happy to continue working at her garage.

Soraya Lowell’s Bingo Luck

2008 was a good year for big bingo wins. In March of that year, not long after Christine Bradfield’s record-breaking win, Soraya Lowell and her neighbour and bingo buddy, Agnes O’Neil, dabbed tickets at a National Bingo game.

The 38-year-old cleaner from Hamilton, Scotland, dabbed as the numbers were called, cried out Bingo, and bagged herself a whopping £1.2 million. Her win broke the record set by Bradfield’s by £100 000.

Soraya, in a show of gratitude and graciousness, shared half of her winnings with her bingo buddy, and said that she would be happy to return to her work as a cleaner. We don’t know what else Soraya did with her money, but she may have been a little too enthusiastic about spending it.

According to reports, Soraya later faced legal battles and bankruptcy after non-payment of council tax.

Georgios M Gets Lucky

Bingo win records don’t seem to last very long. In 2009, Greek businessman Georgios M logged into his favourite online bingo site, and let the autodabber do the work of dabbing his tickets as the numbers were called.

His decision to relax with a game or two of bingo was obviously the right one. By the time he logged out, he was a mind-blowing £5.1million richer, and the latest record-holder.

We’re not sure what he did with his winnings, but there is no doubt in our minds that he still enjoys dabbing tickets.

John Orchard’s Fruitful Bingo Ticket

In December 2012, Jobcentre employee John Orchard decided to play a game of online bingo, and what a decision that was. He spent about 30p on a ticket, sat back, and watched as it was dabbed.

Bingo was called, and yet another record was broken. John found himself in the money; £5.9million of it. Unlike Christine and Soraya, John wasn’t too taken with the idea of going back to work at the Jobcentre.

He swapped his little Renault Clio for a bright and shiny new Jaguar, and then he and his wife opted for a cosy and comfortable retirement in Lincolnshire. We’re sure that, every now and again, John is more than happy to sit back and relax in front of a game or two of online bingo.

Darryl Howe Beat the Bingo Odds

In January 2010, 24-year-old Darryl Howe from Moreton-in-Marsh UK, beat odds of 93 billion to one to win thousands of pounds in a few minutes.

Whatever his reasons, Darryl opened an online bingo account, bought tickets, and started playing. Less than an hour later, and after just 23 calls in a 90-ball game; he landed a 15-number full house.

The £18 000 richer Darryl said he was totally gobsmacked, and put the win down to sheer beginner’s luck.

Try Online Bingo

If you’re inspired by these stories of ordinary people winning big with bingo, why not put your luck to the test? All you need is a computer or mobile device with an Internet connection to deposit money using a credit card or e-wallet so you can buy tickets for 90-ball or 75-ball games.

You don’t need to spend ages learning the rules, because our software does all the work of responding to calls and dabbing the tickets. You could find yourself the next record-breaker.