All About Spingo

What, you might ask, is Spingo? It sounds like something that would come free with your washing machine or be used to dry lettuce. It is, however neither of these things. In fact, it’s a really exciting online casino game that’s a hybrid of the words Spin and Bingo. Get it? Spingo!

Created by Microgaming, Spingo offers something different to players looking for instant wins online. The game looks similar to Roulette in some ways, with a multi coloured wheel located at the top of the screen and a betting table below. The aim of the game is to predict the result of a combination of a Bingo draw and the spin of a wheel, and these two factors determine the outcome of a game.

Spingo Basics

In the game of Spingo, there are 2 balls, each numbered from 1 through to 10. On the colourful wheel there are 25 pockets, 8 of which are coloured in red, yellow and blue, with one coloured in green.

At the beginning of a game, players can place their bets on a table that’s not altogether unlike that of Roulette, and there are several different betting options available. The following are the available bets, but please take note that we’ve used the more familiar ‘to one’ format in order to keep things simple. In the game, however, they are shown as ‘for one’, making the payout number higher – e.g. a payout of 2-1 will be listed as a payout of 3, but the math actually remains absolutely the same.

Spingo Bets

  • Colour and Number Combination: Picking the exact colour and number combination results in a payout of 31-1.


  • Number: Picking which number is selected by the hopper pays out at 9-1.


  • Colour: Picking which colour is spun on the wheel results in a payout at odds of 2-1.


  • Zero: If you bet on the zero ball you’ll receive a payout of 19-1 odds.


  • Green: Paying out at 23-1 this bet is won if the ball lands in the only green pocket on the wheel.


  • Odd/Even: This bet will be won if the correct number is chosen, and will payout even money.


  • 1-6/6-10: If you choose the correct betting range you’ll be paid out even money.


Once all bets are in, the wheel will spin. The hopper will draw one of the balls and the number on the ball will be revealed. This ball will then be spun around the coloured wheel until it falls into one of the pockets. The combination of the ball’s number and the pocket colour determines whether or not you are a winner.

Spingo Odds

Although Spingo has its roots in Bingo, it really is very closely linked to Roulette too, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the odds are similar to that of Roulette. There is, of course, some variation, and in Spingo it’s essential that you put your money down in the right places!

Spingo bets have the following House Edges:

  • Even Money Bets: 4.76%
  • Zero: 4.76%
  • Number/Colour Combination: 2.48%
  • Green: 4.00%
  • Numbers: 4.76%
  • Colours: 4.00%

Thus, it’s obvious that the bets you want to place are the Number/Colour combination as these have the lowest House Edge. However, if you want more of a challenge, any of the others are a good option!

Try your Luck

Like Bingo and Roulette, Spingo is a game of luck and there’s no skill you can use to change the outcome of the draw of the ball or spin of the wheel. It’s a fun hybrid game that offers something different and if you’re a fan of Bingo or Roulette you’re sure to want to give it a try!