Is AR an Option For Bingo?

In order to sensibly answer the question as to whether Augmented Reality (or AR) is an option for Bingo, it is imperative that we take a deeper look at the basic definition, make-up and functions of Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality has come a long way since its humble – and utterly expensive – beginnings.  Beginnings that started out in the realm of the unreal, mere science fiction.  Today, things have changed, and AR technology even runs on mobile devices, as proven by Pokémon Go!

Augmented Reality is in essence a view of the actual world – further enhanced by computer generated images and input.  Inputs may range from sound to video clips to simple imagery and might even include a GPS overlay directional system.  To further explain, AR was first developed and in a sense, achieved, by filmmaker Morton Heilig, way back when in 1957.  Heilig designed and developed the Sensorama, an interactive device that simulated visuals, sounds and even smells.

The very first functioning AR technology only came a’ knocking in 1992 and was developed by one Louis Rosenberg at USAF Armstrong’s Research Laboratory.  The system was designed to enhance and enable the overlay of sensory information in the work place, the main goal being to enhance productivity.

Is AR an Option For Bingo

There’s An App For That

Apps are available or in the process of being developed for every conceivable industry under the sun, including that of Archaeology and Architecture, Construction and Industrial Design, Navigation, Games, Sports, Entertainment and Tourism.  This list is by no means even close to exhaustive. It stands to reason then that an AR Bingo app really isn’t that far fetched.

The Future Beckons

The general direction is clear, with mobile devices already being an integrated part of daily life, and almost a technological extension to our bodies, it’s no conundrum as to the preferred main medium in order for Augmented Reality to become a normal part of everyday life too.

Developers agree that AR will truly soar once it’s fully integrated with daily life – all aspects of daily life, including entertainment and gaming.

Is Augmented Reality then a viable option for a game such as Bingo?  The answer is an irrefutable yes.  Imagine being able to make your way around a virtual Bingo room, interacting with friends and strangers, all without leaving the cosy comfort of your sitting room.

This is what will happen when Augmented Reality meets the most popular numbers game of all time – Bingo!