Are You Ready For VR?

Virtual reality, or VR, has long been the focus of science fiction movies. As a result, the general public has had a fascination with the concept since at least the 1980s. In movies the technology is often portrayed as something that can go horribly wrong, but this is not the case in reality, unless potential motion sickness be seen as horribly wrong. Real virtual reality is here, available, and already blowing minds with its incredible potential.

But as it stands virtual reality technology is still in its infancy. Although now readily available to the public, the technology is still very expensive, and not fully optimised. This is set to change, however, as the VR systems are more widely adopted. The fact is though, that VR is here, and soon many platforms will be integrating it. So are you ready for the virtual reality revolution?

Are You Ready For VR?

How To Get VR

Many online casinos are already committed to converting to VR. When the changes get here, though, you may want to be ready to go, and be a part of the cutting edge of the new wave of games. But how does one actually go about becoming VR ready?

As it stands, there are a few VR headsets already available for purchase. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are the two main systems, available to be used with home computers. The HTC Vive is the leader of the industry, offering the best, most immersive experience currently available. The HTC Vive system comes with the headset, two motion controllers, and two cameras. The motion controllers allow the player to move their hands in the virtual reality world, and interact with virtual objects. The two cameras feed information into the system, allowing the player to even stand and walk around in the virtual world, within limitations. This setup is the best currently available, but also the most expensive.

The cheaper version is the Oculus Rift, which although offering a similar experience to the HTC Vive has a few of the features removed in order to cut costs. The headset is available by itself, which is the cheapest option. The player will, in this case, have to settle for using standard keyboard and mouse or controller options. Motion controllers are available separately, or as a bundle.

PSVR, or PlayStation Virtual Reality, is the cheapest option, and functions with a standard PlayStation 4 console. This is the cheapest option by far, and will work with already existing PlayStation motion controllers. PlayStation does not, however, officially support casino games that are played for real money.


The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are available, but it should be kept in mind that the user must have a computer that can support the VR setup. This means a computer with sufficient power that is capable of rendering and displaying virtual worlds. This in itself is a substantial cost, although offering the best possible virtual reality experience. Once the VR headset of your choice is setup with the computer, it should work for all games and programmes that support VR.

Motions Sickness

It has already been mentioned that VR has the potential to cause motion sickness in some players, and this is a concern that should be kept in mind. Virtual reality is highly immersive, so much so that it can cause disorientation. Since the brain is registering both that the body is moving, and standing still, the effect is sometimes unintentional disorientation, something similar to the feelings of vertigo felt in high places. Most VR games take this into account, and try and make the experience as smooth as possible, but motion sickness can still occur.

Thankfully, a person will generally get used to the situation fairly quickly, and all feelings of disorientation should pass after just a few minutes of play. Either way, a person should be cautious upon their first time using a VR headset. In other words; its best to keep play sessions to short periods of time at first, and also to have a friend around, just in case.

Future VR Games

Currently there are only a few games that support VR, although the list is set to grow much longer in the coming years. Most existing games are more of a demonstration of the technology, as opposed to anything else. Only a few full games currently exist.

The future is bright for VR, however, with many new titles on the horizon, and many online casinos already gearing up to offer VR versions of casino games. Online poker, roulette, blackjack, and slots games are all destined to enter into the virtual reality world, and all promise to offer incredible, immersive experiences like never before. Look into the world of VR now, and be ready for the revolution when it hits in full force.