Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual RealityWhile most people would probably mistake augmented reality and virtual reality as being the same thing, they are more like second cousins than twins – related but not the same. While both have the ability to alter our perception of the world around us, the way in which they differ is major, as the difference lies in the perception of our presence in relation to the perceived environment.

An Altered Bingo Experience

How could these technologies alter the way we play online casino games, more specifically online Bingo? The game of Bingo was born in community halls where people enjoyed the social aspect of the game as much as the game itself. How could these technologies be incorporated into modern games of Bingo to recreate these environments and once again create communities, even if these communities are mere perceptions?

Immersion in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has come a long way since it was first made possible in 1980s arcades, and the most popular versions today are Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. Virtual reality has the remarkable ability to transpose the user with the use of closed goggles or visors, and takes the user to an entirely different place by blocking out the room.

When users place VR headsets on, they become blind to their current environment and are completely immersed in an entirely fictional place. The experience is eerie and dramatic, and many user have reported feeling actual movement as they as go bungee jumping or diving in these entirely fictional environments.

Addition of Augmented Reality

While VR goggles block out the world around the user and transports them to an entirely different place, augmented reality makes use of clear visors to alter or augment the user’s current environment, adding something to it. The user is not transported elsewhere, but rather a shift in reality is experienced. Samsung and Apple are both furiously working on AR glasses and visors, which could see the user able to connect to their computer using Wi-Fi, where the visor becomes the monitor.

We could soon see a major shift in the way people live their lives, and many marketing opportunities would be possible with these devices thanks to the fact that it allows more freedom to the user as AR does not need a head-mounted display. In 2016, the world experienced the first mass use of augmented reality when Pokémon Go saw people wandering around their real environments searching for fictional characters that were basically pasted into their real world. This was the first major acceptance of AR technology, and players were, to put it mildly, absolutely hooked.

Possible Use of AR and VR

How could these ground breaking technologies be incorporated into online casino games such as Bingo? If players were to use VR goggles to play online Bingo, it would allow them to be transported to an entirely different place while playing the game. They would experience the sights and sounds of a ‘real’ Bingo hall while playing the game for real money, once again creating the community aspect that made Bingo popular in the first place.

On the other hand, if players were to use AR visors to play online Bingo, they would be able to play real money Bingo games wherever, whenever. Players would not need to be seated at a computer or holding their mobile device, because the game would become part of their reality while wearing AR visors. While this reality is still fiction for now, we are looking forward to the possibilities that come with these exciting technologies!