Best Bingo Stories

One of the most important aspects of playing Bingo is how sociable it is. This is as true online or on your mobile device as it is in a Bingo hall built of bricks and mortar, and feeling part of the Bingo community is essential on every platform.

When you’re playing online, there are plenty of ways to connect with your fellow, like-minded players. Many games have a great Live Chat feature, and hearing about other Bingo stories can deepen your affection and appreciation for this game. That’s just what we aim to do here. Many stories are hilarious, some are endearing, and all are enjoyable.

A Little Help from a Friend

A woman in Idaho was out with some friends, and a member of her party won $2,500 on a Keno game but then lost her ticket. Everyone had bought several tickets so nobody could help her look for it – until a nonplaying spectator came to lend a hand.

As the unlucky ticket misplace was hunting for her winning card, the newcomer kept daubing her bingo tickets for her. By the end of the evening the winning Keno ticket had been found and although no Bingo winnings were added to the pot that night, a new friendship was. There is no greater expression of the spirit of Bingo and all that it stands for than this story.

 A Naked Passion for Bingo 

…Or simply a passion for being naked in Bingo halls! In early January 2014, players in a Kentucky bingo hall got the shock of a lifetime when Deharra Waters stripped down on his lower body and then streaked through the hall. He was arrested and held under the astonishingly accurate charge of Inappropriately Disrupting a Bingo Game – if that has ever been used before, there are more stories that we need to know about!

Following his arrest, Waters was also charged with Alcohol Intoxication and Indecent Exposure. Players reported that before his impromptu performance he was actually playing the game – perhaps a win is what got him so hot and bothered? Whatever the case, Waters certainly lived up to the life motto he has tattooed on his knuckles; his hand is emblazoned with the acronym YOLO, which stands for You Only Live Once.

 Crashing into the Bingo Action

Players at Shipley’s Bingo and Social Club in Kidderminster got a shock and some unexpected excitement when a car crashed through the wall! On 11 December 2015, a car crashed into 2 other vehicles and then ended up in the canopy of the Kidderminster Bingo Hall! Luckily no one was injured, although 2 people were trapped in one of the cards for a time.

For players who were winning that evening, things got a lot more memorable! And for those who weren’t, they still had an amazing story to share when they arrived home

 Overheard in Bingo Halls 

Often the most amusing stories are little exchanges that ticket sellers, callers or fellow players report. The first one that springs to mind is the caller who wished a customer good luck, only to be told that he shouldn’t do that because the player didn’t believe in luck. When the caller wished him bad luck instead, the player (who purportedly believed in no luck at all) responded that this comment was a little more like it!

Another Bingo host was unable to convince a confused individual that he was in fact in a bingo hall, rather than at an Immunisation Clinic. Even when all the players hunched over their tickets were pointed out to him, the poor man insisted that the vaccination was being withheld from him because the Bingo host wanted him to die.

 Love is on the Bingo Cards 

Thomas Wright, 19, and his girlfriend Claudia Freeman, 18, both love Bingo and the try to play a few times a week at Gala Bingo in Barnsley. That’s why he felt that it would be the perfect place to propose! Thomas got down on one knee in front of 400 people, and was very relieved with Claudia said yes.

Everyone in the Bingo hall applauded, and Many Rylance, Gala Bingo’s manager, said that in the 35 years it was the third proposal she had seen on the Bingo hall stage. Claudia reports that it was very romantic, and that she was even moved to tears. No doubt the newlyweds will honeymoon somewhere they can enjoy their favourite game – and perhaps the wedding reception will even be held at Gala Bingo!

From the sublime to the ridiculous the fun to the frustrating and everything in between, Bingo fans often have a story to tell (or their CH a story to tell about them!) Whether it’s a heart warming tale of new love or a cringesome anecdote about a game gone wrong, Giggle Bingo is sure to have the juice!