The Best Books About Bingo

Whether you are a casual player or a dedicated bingo fanatic, everyone can benefit from a bit of literature on the subject. If you want to know the origins of bingo, how to play, the best strategies or how to win consistently, there are plenty of books out there win the answers. We take a look at some of the best books about playing bingo, winning in bingo or just novels where bingo is featured in some way.

Art of Playing Bingo and Winning Consistently – B.A Hartwell

If you want to boost your winning capabilities, this classic by B. A Hartwell is a good place to start. First released in 1980, the book takes readers through the various strategies and theoretical bingo patterns.

Basics of Winning Bingo – Avery Cardoza

Another great read if you are looking to improve your game. While many people claim bingo is game based on pure luck, Cardoza challenges the system, linking specific patterns to bigger wins. The book will give you an inside look into the many different types of bingo games with an easy-to-read primer on the various bingo patterns. Here you can find no less than 25 winning patterns shown in great detail.

Bingo – Rita May Brown

Stepping into the realm of fiction, Bingo is a novel about the Town of Runnymede and its strange inhabitants. The protagonist of the story is Nicole Smith, a woman struggling with the divide between good and evil, love and sex, right and wrong. As her life is falling apart around her, Nicole takes shelter in the safety of the weekly bingo games. This entertaining novel will take you on trip around the emotional rollercoaster with great laughs and a few tears.

Gambling Times Guide to Bingo – Roger Snowden

As one of the most comprehensive works on the subject, Gambling Times Guide to Bingo gives readers a full overview of bingo history, where it originated and how it come to be a mainstream game. The book also goes into detail about bingo odds, how the games should be played and the various strategies involved in winning.

The Bingo Queens of Oneida – Mike Hoeft

Also known as the book on How two moms started tribal gaming in Wisconsin, The Bingo Queens of Oneida is all about Sandra Ninham and Alma Webster, two women from Oneida Indian Reservation who started a bingo operation to bring in money to save the struggling community. Not only did they keep the lights on in the civic centre, they also brought in funds to finance health and housing services for the poor and elderly.