The Best Casino Cheat in History

It can be argued that the tale of Dustin Marks is one that will go down in history as one of the most successful casino cheats, with his career of cheating spanning over just 4 years and managing to still take his chosen casinos for millions in that time.

Marks’ schemes would be carried out every day and he could make up to at least $150 000 dollars every night if he was cunning enough. This all went down in the early 1980s, a time that has often been referred to as the age of greed.

Why Marks Was Successful

If we had to consider what it is that makes a planned cheat a success, it would have to be that you manage to make big wins over a long period of time and do so without getting caught. When it comes to the tale behind Marks, it appears he succeeded in doing both of the aforementioned criteria, which is what sets him apart from the many others that have attempted to cheat a casino out of money.

One of the reasons for this could very well be that he didn’t get too arrogant about what he had managed to achieve, which many swindlers do right before they get caught. Instead, Marks chose to sail off into the sunset before he could ever be reprimanded.

How Did He Do It?

It started in the same way that most cheaters do – with a little bit of luck and magic. Many of you will know that this ultimately refers to misdirection and card manipulation, which are vital components to casino cheating arsenal.

Marks was involved in the art of magic from an early age and ultimately used his skills to get to Vegas in the hopes of becoming a talented magician and performing for large crowds. However, it was not long before he would figure out a far more lucrative way to utilise his talent.

Many are under the false impression that cheaters carry out their plans alone, but this is rarely the case. There is usually an inside man that plays a dealer as well as what is known as a cross-roader. In this case, Marks was that man.

Methods of Cheating

Dustin Marks has written a book, Cheating at Blackjack, that fully explains the various methods that he used to cheat casinos out of a large sum of money. Many of these may be fairly irrelevant now with the way that casino games have changed over the years, but a large portion of them may sound or be familiar to you.

While you can take a look at the principles in card stacking, chip stacking, card mucking and a method known as The Cooler – all of which were used by Marks – it is probably a good idea to take a look at the demonstrations that are also available online, as it really opens up your eyes to the power and value of them.

Cheating Success

Possibly one of the most successful cheaters in the history of the casino gaming industry, Marks’ career was one that was both short-lived, in comparison to other casino cheaters, as well as lengthy in terms of playing with your freedom.

You see, when someone cheats in a casino, they don’t simply gamble with their money; they gamble with their ability to stay out of jail. When it comes to Marks though, he was so cautious, critical and calculated that in his four years of cheating he didn’t so much as lift an eyebrow.