Best Mobile Devices for Bingo

If online bingo is great, mobile bingo is better! It’s everything you love, but even more convenient because you can take your fun with you wherever you go. But what are the best devices to use? How can you make sure you are getting maximum enjoyment?

We’ve brought together a few of the mobile gadgets that we would most recommend. Peruse them, decide which ones to try and then see if you agree.

iPhones and iPads

The impressive graphic displays and sensitive touchscreens of Apple’s mobile devices mean they are still the first choice for many players. When you’re playing on a mobile device, the touchscreen makes everything feel more immersive. iPads and iPhones are sensitive enough to really take advantage of that fact, and you will feel fully engaged when you play.

Best Windows Phones

If you are a die-hard Windows fan and really want to use this operating system, we suggest the Microsoft Lumia 950, the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL, the Microsoft Lumia 650, the Nokia Lumia 930 and the HP Elite x3. These all run Windows 10, which is the same as what you will find on desktops, rather than a phone-specific operating system.

For some people, the seamlessness of the same system on every device is an ideal situation, but if you want a smaller system on your mobile device it is possible to buy older models. The best options here run Windows Phone 8.1, but you might find them limiting in other ways. They might also not be upgradeable.

The newer models that we’ve recommended here are your best bet – they will run your bingo games perfectly smoothly, and allow you to use any other Microsoft programmes easily. The personal assistant Cortana is among the strongest available in mobile handsets, and the phones are usually cheaper than their Android rivals.

The screens and cameras of the Windows phones that we have listed also boast good cameras. If you need to stick to a tight budget, your best Windows phone option is the Microsoft Lumia 650; if you are splurging, you should go for one of the two Microsoft Lumia 950 models. You can spend even more and go for the HP Elite x3 and you’d be very happy with the handset if you did. The Microsoft Lumia and Lumia XL, however, deliver very similar standards for substantially lower prices.

Best Android Phones

While Windows phones do offer great bingo experiences, the leading operating systems are recognised as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. If you are a keen bingo player in the market for a new smartphone, chances are good that you will want to go for an Android device. And we could hardly blame you!

The big difference between Apple and Android, of course, is that you don’t simply choose Android – once you have made that decision you need to decide which particular make and model you want to use. Allow us to make a few suggestions.

At the top of our list is the Samsung Galaxy S8, thanks to its incredible display and its huge power output. It does, however, carry a hefty price tag, so it might not be best for every player. Some people might also be irritated by its biometric unlocking system.

You should also consider the Moto Z if you prefer modular units – it is the thinnest in the world, so is super-portable. Its snap-on design is also very easy to use, in comparison to other leading modular units.

The Chinese-manufactured OnePlus 3T improves on the OnePlus 3 with a better processor, bigger battery and front-facing camera that is of higher quality. Its price point is also highly competitive, making it even more desirable. You could do far worse than to play your favourite bingo games on one of these babies!

Finally, the HTC 10 is the best Android option for you if you enjoy music as much as you enjoy bingo. It’s also got a gorgeous design and an attractively low price.

Bingo V-200 VR

The Bingo V-200 VR is the first virtual reality headset from Bingo Technologies, and more should be on the market soon. It’s compatible with iPhones, Windows phones and Android phones that have 4.7- to 6-inch screens. This means it is very easy to carry around and makes mobile bingo much more immersive than it has ever been before. This could be a real game-changer for mobile bingo.

If the Bingo V-200 VR is successful and virtual technology keeps developing as it has been, a whole new world of mobile bingo experiences could open up. Mobile bingo is getting more popular all the time, and as long as there are people to play there will be new ideas to make the games better. Keep on the lookout and make sure you get to enjoy them all!