Big and Beautiful Bingo Jackpots

Big and Beautiful Bingo JackpotsBingo means many things to players. It is easy yet challenging, it’s great fun, it’s sociable, and it pays out magnificent jackpots and prizes.

With local bingo halls, rooms at casinos, and online and mobile bingo options, most players don’t have any trouble finding tickets. They know there is money to be won, and nothing is going to stand between them and their dabbers.

Some of those dedicated players definitely call out that lucky bingo, and win a pot that breaks records. There are also jackpot-winning players who only bought tickets because they wanted something to relieve their boredom.

Let’s take a look at some of the most bountiful bingo pots and who won them over the past few years.

23 Calls to Bingo

Moreton-in-Marsh, UK, resident Darryl Howe’s £18 000 jackpot in 2010 is by no means one of the biggest ever won. What is impressive, however, is that he won it after a paltry 23 calls, less than an hour into a game of 90-ball online bingo.

Even more thrilling than that, Howe had signed up for an account, made a deposit, and started playing only moments before.

The TV, the Partner and the Bingo Jackpot

In 2012, Terry Goodman was transfixed by the Spain VS Ireland Euro championships game on TV, and his partner Lisa Potter was bored. The young mother in Oxfordshire logged onto a bingo site, bought a £5 ticket, and watched as the ticket was dabbed, “Bingo!” was called, and she won a £1,364,745.23 jackpot.

Potter said she had plans to buy a new house and car, and to indulge her family in an unforgettable holiday.

Soraya Lowell Breaks Record

In 2008, 38-year-old Scottish cleaner Soraya Lowell and her neighbour Agnes O’Neill played in a National Bingo game. Her dabbing won her a £1.2 million, which broke the record of the time, set only two months before.

Lowell gave half of her jackpot to O’Neill, and spent the rest and then some. She was declared bankrupt only a few years after her big bingo win.

30p Ticket and £5.9 Bar Jackpot

In 2012, John Orchard became another millionaire. The Jobcentre worker bought a 30p ticket and played a wheel-of-fortune game at his favourite bingo site.

We bet he thanked his lucky stars that he did, because that little ticket won him a £5.9 million jackpot. Orchard wasted no time in putting his winnings to good use.

He and his wife retired to Lincolnshire, and he bought a Jaguar XF to replace his Renault Clio.

A Jackpot and More

In 2015, an anonymous player won a fantastic £188 508 National Bingo game jackpot, but that was not her only good luck for the evening. Not long before she was named as the only winner of the game’s jackpot, she had won a £5 000 prize.

Club Regular’s Big Win

In 2008, Christine Bradfield, a regular at bingo games held at Mertyr Tydfil’s Castle Club for 11 years, played for the National Bingo Platinum Prize. She called “Bingo!” before any other player from more than 500 clubs, and won a £1.1 million jackpot.

There was nothing particularly special about Orchard, Lowell, or any of the other winners. They were ordinary, everyday folk, until a game of bingo changed their lives overnight.