Bingo Callers and Their Role In History

Since the inception of the modern game of bingo in the 30s, the bingo caller has played an integral part in the bingo game.

Not only do they facilitate the actual game itself but they often played a managerial role in the bingo hall. Let’s take a look at the history of the bingo caller.

The Traditional Role

Traditionally the bingo caller was the person that would call out the numbers of the drawn bingo balls.

The bingo caller can work by himself and both spin the ball hamper or they can work with an assistant who will draw the balls for the caller to read.

Ideally you would want a bingo caller with a clear and loud voice, but someone with a bit of personality helps as well.

The Modern Role

In modern bingo, you will either get a live bingo caller or simply no bingo caller at all. Games with no caller are quite bland so including a live caller or automated bingo caller is very popular.

Since you can both see and hear the bingo number being called, the bingo caller isn’t really needed to ensure accuracy, which is why it has become more important to have a bingo caller with a great personality.

British Influence On Callers

British 90 ball bingo has a very colourful history when it comes to calling bingo games. In Britain you get a popular form of slang called British Rhyming Slang. It comes down to people using a rhyming set of words instead of the words they would normally use.

So for example instead of just 35, a British bingo caller would call duck and dive.

This is not just for amusement but also serves the purpose of making the numbers called clearer. Basically if you can make the rhyme you know the number.

There are also terminologies related to the characteristics of the numbers, for instance 22 is also known as little ducks because the 2s look like two ducks swimming.

Bingo Today

Bingo callers are still seen as an important part of the bingo experience. They are meant to entertain and inform players.

The community of bingo players is very important to the success of bingo and the bingo caller plays a key role in building that sense community. The bingo caller is the figurehead of bingo that will leave a gap in the game if they are ever replaced.