Bingo Chat Regulars

Bingo Chat RegularsBingo chat rooms are awesome places to meet like-minded and interesting people. Something about online Bingo just makes it attract a great community.  There comes a time when people find themselves logging in just to hang out, and then they play a few hands of Bingo with friends online.

If you are about to make your first journey into the Bingo chat rooms, you should prepare yourself for some of the chat room archetypes out there. We’ve rounded up those most likely to be found in an online Bingo chat room…

The Newbies

Right now, this is you. Newbies can usually be spotted by their lack of Bingo lingo and regular questions.

There is no shame in being a newbie, it is a rite of passage for every Bingo member and with the great people online, and you won’t be a newbie for long.

The Regulars

The regulars can be spotted by their near cryptic knowledge of Bingo lingo and mysterious use of emojis and abbreviated slang terms.

Be not afraid, most regulars are friendly and welcoming and will soon have you talking the talk.

Regulars are a great way to find out new information and helpful tips and advice. Always be respectful to them.

Competitive Players

These guys are the ones with the competitive streak. You will see them at almost every game, and they will be a fountain of advice, some good, and some bad.

It can sometimes be hard to chat to these types of players as, for them, it’s all about the game.

They definitely add some spice to the chat room, and no matter when you catch them, they will always be up for a game or two.

The Loners

Let’s be honest, this will probably also be you when you first enter the chat rooms.

All joking aside, the loners usually keep to themselves, so there isn’t much to generalise about them. You will see them pop up on chat every now and again but they rarely say much.

Mostly, they are friendly guys who just don’t like chatting much, but give them a hello every now and again just to check in.

The Wild Bunch

Just like the popular kids in high school, every chat room has their wild bunch. These lively Bingo fans are always up for arranging get-togethers and having a good time.

They can be great fun to talk to and hang out with, but you will need to work your way up the social ladder to hang with these cool cats.