Bingo for Millennials

Broadly speaking, millennials are individuals who were born anywhere between the mid-1970s and the mid-1990s. They came of age or became adults around the beginning of the new millennium, and are also often referred to as Generation Y.

Most millennials grew up around computers, or became accustomed to them when they were relatively young, and were around or born into the Internet explosion of the late 1990s.It makes sense, then, that they would gravitate to online casinos and games of all kinds, and that is indeed just what we see.

Online Bingo seems to be gaining real traction with millennials. A recent study in the UK found that 90% of online Bingo players are under 50, and other research has found that the average online Bingo player in the UK is a 40-year-old female. This is at the higher end of the millennial age range, but it does still fall within that bracket.

Again, though, what’s interesting is not that most of the millennials who play Bingo are doing it online rather than in traditional land-based Bingo halls. What’s interesting is why, in an era when there are so many immersive and detailed casino and other video games available, so many young people are choosing the tried and trusted Bingo tickets for their entertainment.

Easier Access 

One of the reasons for the surge in Bingo popularity among millennials is that it is getting easier to play on smartphones and tablets. As Bingo sites expand their mobile presence, they fit more seamlessly into the busy lives of millennials and make it easier to grab a few moments of gameplay whenever time allows.

More Options

There are more Bingo games available on any Bingo site than you might find down at the local Church or other land-based Bingo location. You can choose between 75-ball, 90-ball and other Bingo games, and there are often even themed Bingo games for special occasions that can make playing feel more festive.

It’s also often possible to play different casino games, besides Bingo, on Bingo sites. This appeals to the short attention spans of millennials, who typically get bored very easily! A great example of high-quality alternate game options at a Bingo site is the selection of Slots titles available at Giggle Bingo.

The Social Factor

Bingo has always been more about catching up with friends and enjoying yourself than winning huge amounts of money. The online games that you can play are rewarding, but you’re never going to win anything that could change your life in any meaningful kind of way.

The real enjoyment in Bingo comes from connecting with others, and that can be done just as easily in the chatrooms of online Bingo sites as it can be in real-life Bingo halls. In today’s busy world it’s easy to feel very disconnected with others, and millennials appreciate the friendship and the warm welcome that online and mobile Bingo communities provide.

Of course, this demographic is a very fickle bunch and they might not feel like talking to anyone at all! That’s when the button to turn off the Live Chat feature comes in handy.

Simplicity Itself

The fact that Bingo is so easy to understand, with no learning curve, means players can get into it from the very first daub of their very first ticket. It’s undemanding in a very demanding world, and when you add in the fact that there is more choice, a good sense of community and the option of playing on the go, it’s clear that Bingo has everything a millennial might want or need!