Bingo Of The Future

Bingo Of The Future

Social media and live Bingo online chat rooms have already started to take Bingo into the digital age.  What was once an activity characterized by cold Bingo halls decked in bouts of British boredom has become something quite different, thanks to the dawning of the age of the internet.

The first online Bingo site to open digital doors in the United Kingdom did so in 1996, with another following just a few years later in 2003.  Since then the online Bingo industry has boomed, but it was the birth of mobile gaming and gambling that really set the excitement alight for digital Bingo.  Suddenly, Bingo had an entirely different crowd of followers – now including more and more younger people.

What is the next big thing to hit Bingo, you ask?  We have a pretty good idea.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality – or VR – is when computer equipment and technology is used to create a simulated environment.  Users are totally immersed into the simulated environment, instead of merely watching something play out on a screen.  VR even includes four of the five senses – vision, hearing, touch and even smell.  In essence, Virtual Reality tricks the brain into thinking that the body is actually in an alternate reality, a 3D world different to the “real” world.

So intense and convincing is the nature of Virtual Reality that it has been known to cause motion sickness in cases where the latency and field of view functionality has been off point.  Latency is basically that which tricks the brain into thinking that it has entered a different world.

Perhaps the most significant thing about VR is that enables the user to move around and touch different objects in the newly created virtual world.  This is achieved by means of a VR headset, complimented by 3D audio (also known as spatial audio).

Virtual Reality And Bingo

Consider now all of the information provided about Virtual Reality and imagine, if you can, a digital Bingo hall in each player’s home.  Gone will be the days of sitting in front of a computer screen clicking away at Bingo patterns with a mouse and feeding information to the computer via a keyboard.  With VR it will even be possible to socially interact (in person) with other players present in the digital Bingo hall at the time.

Boredom may be long forgotten, but the Bingo of the future is here to stay.