Bingo Secrets to Play Better

Bingo Secrets to Play BetterIn among all of its other great attributes, one of the things that players really enjoy about bingo is that it is strictly a game of chance. It’s all about enjoying the game and the high of getting lucky and winning big. This is a huge part of the game, and the culture that surrounds it, and you should really relish that too. However, there are some things you can do to improve your chances. Knowing a few important bingo secrets will improve your winning chances, your understanding and your overall enjoyment of the game.

Early Bird Gets the Worm

It’s very important to be alert and ready when you play bingo. Everyone is seeing the same numbers being called, and those who are quickest to daub their tickets are the ones who will win. This may not always apply when you play online, thanks to auto-daubing options, so check that out.

If you’re playing bingo on land you should also arrive early, to avoid feeling pressured, grab some refreshments if you want to, get your cards in order, socialise and learn about where the best and worst games in town are. Try to sit close to the caller too; hearing the numbers properly can make all the difference in a competitive game.

Look After Yourself

However or wherever you are playing bingo, don’t allow yourself to get drunk and take regular breaks and walks. This will help you avoid fatigue and keep your edge. Eat regular, small meals, stay hydrated and give your eyes a break from staring at your tickets or your screen.

Ignore Numbers on the Left

If a 22 or a 12 is called, for example, scan the numbers on the right side of the squares for a 2. If you see that, glance to the left and see if the right digit matches. This takes some practice, but as you get better you’ll find that it can really make you a lot faster. And, as we know in Bingo, every nanosecond counts.

See the Bigger Picture

Don’t just pay attention to the numbers being called; watch for the overall pattern that is supposed to emerge too. You’re in control of your bingo game so remember to consider the big picture and to not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the called numbers.

If you know what the pattern is, you can also try pre-daubing the squares you know will not be important, that don’t fit the pattern, so your attention has to be on the squares that count. As you get better and better at this you’ll be able to do it faster, and in your head.

Choose Games that Aren’t Packed

This may be easier offline than online, but it tips the odds more in your favour if there are fewer people playing. Of course, the more people who play the bigger the pot for the payouts is, so it depends what kind of mood you’re in. You can choose to try for a bigger reward with a smaller chance of winning it or a smaller reward with a bigger chance of winning it. But for a better shot of waking away with something, go with the latter.

Play with Multiple Cards

The more cards you have in play, the better your chances of getting a winning combination. This is a great strategy for online or mobile bingo games that offer an auto-daubing feature. You can buy as many cards as you can afford and then make sure you daub them all fast enough to win.

Practice as Much as Possible

It should be becoming clear to you by now that the more you practice and play bingo, the better and faster you will be. It should also be easy to understand why so many studies have shown that bingo players have superior mental skills and agility when compared to those who don’t play! Get in as much time at bingo sites and halls as you possibly can, and you’ll soon be reaping the benefits.

Practicing bingo is as important for your confidence as it is for honing your specific skills. You’ll feel more familiar and comfortable with the game, and more in control of your actions. This can only bode well for the outcome of the game, but don’t let yourself get too comfortable. You don’t want to become overconfident and complacent; that’s how you miss things.

Now that you’ve got some helpful tips and you understand how important practice is for bingo, hop to it! Find your favourite bingo rooms and games online, or head to your local bingo hall. Remember you can enjoy yourself and socialise with other enthusiasts either way, so you are always guaranteed a great time.