How Bingo Tournaments Work

If you have been playing online for a while, chances are you have heard of bingo, slots or poker tournaments. This is where multiple players sign up for a player-competitive tournament for the chance to win a very handsome tournament payout. The reason online tournaments are so popular is because the buy-in is relatively low and the payouts are much larger than any single game can produce. For bingo players, online tournaments can offer up a welcoming addition to their daily game and a chance to seriously boost their winnings. Giggle Bingo takes a look at how online bingo tournaments work and why you should consider joining in.

While online bingo tournaments may not be as popular as slots or poker tournaments, they are still incredibly popular with just about every online bingo operator running some form of tournament or another. One question everyone wants to know is “Who can play bingo tournaments?” The good news is that any registered player can sign up for an upcoming tournament. As long as you are registered with the bingo site, you can start playing. Some tournaments are only open to VIP players but the majority are site based.

The Different Types of Online Tournaments

So what types of tournaments can you enter. There are two main types of tournaments offered at bingo sites. These include smaller (popup tournaments) and larger general bingo tournaments. The smaller tournaments are similar to the poker Sit & Go tournaments. These involve smaller groups of players with a much smaller payout. The main type of bingo tournament though involves hundreds of players all competing for the same prize. The idea is that each player pays a buy in. The total prize money is then pooled together and offered to the winner of the entire tournament.

How to Enter

Depending on the type of tournament and the bingo site, entering a tournament is a simple as buying a ticket for the qualifying round. All the players in the tournament will be entered into a single bingo game held on a specific day at a specific time. All of the bingo games will run concurrently with players sorted into pools. In each section, the winner of the bingo game will earn a ticket into the next round. So how do you win a round? Simply be the first person to win the round by completing the bingo pattern described in the rules.

Qualifying for the Next Round

In some cases, qualifying tickets are handed out to players who complete one or two lines. In general though, to make it through the next round, you would have to complete a full house. Once a player has won a round, they will move on to the next round against other first round winners. This knockout competition will continue for several rounds until players make it through to the quarter finals, the semi-finals and the grand finals. Prizes are usually awarded to players who make it to the semi-finals with the winner taking the lions share.

Tournament Payouts

The total prize money won can either be a set amount determined by the bingo site or it can be based on the number of players who entered the tournament. In either case, the prize money for winning a tournament can be hundreds of times bigger than any single bingo game. Bingo tournaments are a great way to chat to new players and extend your bingo experience.

Most bingo sites run regular bingo tournaments during the week while some offer an extended weekend tournament. It is important to read the rules of the tournament before you buy in. Tournaments are designed to be fun, entertaining and rewarding. Enter with the idea of having fun, playing your favourite games and possibly winning some serious cash in the process.