A Bingo Win Bust Up

We’ve heard of lottery syndicates go sour, but it’s seldom that you hear about a Bingo bust up between friends! This true tale takes us back to 2005, when 3 best friends in the UK went out for a night of Bingo. Tania Burnett, Abigail Stacey and Stacey Wilson all agreed that they would split whatever they won, but when Tania scooped a whopping £101,211 jackpot, the tables turned.

Tania’s two best friends expected that she’d share her windfall with them, but they were in for a nasty surprise.

A Day in Court

Although the two women claimed that the group of three had agreed to split any winnings, Tania’s lawyer pointed out that even if this had been discussed, there was no formal agreement in place.

The argument turned into a court battle that became rather protracted, and in the end the judge ruled that any verbal promise or agreement was not legally binding, leaving Tania’s two friends rather out of pocket.

Tania was entitled to keep all her prize money and didn’t have to pay her now ex-friends a cent. On hearing of the ruling she said that the other two could ‘get stuffed’ as she had already spent every penny. She added that they had never had any agreement, and that they had put her through 3 years of hell simply because they wanted a slice of the pie.

According to her version of events, the day before they went to play Stacey had asked if she wanted to split winnings and she had said no, as it always caused issues- somewhat prophetic this statement turned out to be! Tania reckons that had she won a tenner, her friends wouldn’t have asked for a cent, but because her prize was so big, they wanted a share.

The Other Side of the Story

Stacey’s version of events rather differs from Tania’s, and she says that Tania never shares, and she was’ being rubbish’! She’s glad that Tania feels she was put through years of hell, because it is her own fault, and that if it had been her or Abigail that had won, they’d have shared their winnings straight away.

Stacey said that the trio had shared winnings before, and she had split as much as £600 in the last year.

It’s safe to say that you need to be careful with any syndicate, or you can simply play online bingo where the prizes are bigger and whatever you win is yours- no court cases or friendships lost along the way!