Celebrities Who Like to Gamble

Gambling and casino games can be very glamorous and they often appeal to people looking for a little excitement. It seems that everyone needs a little excitement in their lives too, and even those in the paparazzi’s eyes love the spin of the slots reels, or the thrill that a hand of Blackjack brings about.  Here are some of the world’s top celebrities that have found fame and fortune through their acting feats that also enjoy a game or two in the gambling world.

Spiderman Star Tobey Maguire

Esteemed actor Tobey Maguire of Spiderman and The Great Gatsby fame not only treads along as a science fiction superhero. In 2011, it became public knowledge that he had been quite involved in the gambling world, and was even sued for participating in illegal gambling activity that ran high-stakes games.

Baywatch Babe Pamela Anderson

While Pamela Anderson’s reputation may be a little tainted for her numerous controversial activities, her reputation as a Baywatch babe and Playboy magazine model has also saved her from gambling debt. She once lost $250 000 at a poker game, but her fellow gambler offered to settle the enormous debt in exchange for a kiss from the famed actress.

Bad Boy Ben Affleck 

It is no secret that Ben Affleck is one of Hollywood’s bad boys, and he frequently finds himself in the news for his many controversial activities. Affleck has also built himself a reputation as a big-time gambler, and a quite lucky one at that. While it is rumoured that he averages spending about $20 000 a night playing online poker, his biggest feat must be a trip to Las Vegas, where it was reported that he once bet $60 000 on a hand of blackjack and ended up winning $800 000 that night! He walked away with slightly less after tipping staff $150 000!

American Pie Actress Shannon Elizabeth

American Pie actress and model Shannon Elizabeth has had a successful second career as a professional poker player, competing at numerous high-profile tournaments, including the World Series of Poker and the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship.

The Notorious Charlie Sheen 

Charlie Sheen is well known for his many vices, and has also been public about a gambling addiction at a younger age. His ex-wife had reported that he would spend up to $20 000 a week on gambling. The star, however, claims that his gambling days are behind him and that he has not placed a bet since 2011.