Crazy Bingo Prizes

When you play Bingo online, you’ll generally win money or, in some cases, gadgets, exotic holidays or even cars. But when playing land based Bingo, the prizes sometimes seem to be a little crazier.

Part of the beauty of Bingo is that it’s a fun game, and there’s an opportunity to dish out wild and wacky prizes along the way. Themed Bingo nights, such as those held at Hen parties, also offer plenty of chances for prizes to be less than ordinary, so lets take a look at some of the oddest and most inspired rewards that lucky Bingo enthusiasts have gotten their hands on!

An Ex-ceptional Prize

In possibly one of the oddest Bingo games ever, a woman decided that giving away her ex-husband’s belongings as prizes was a great idea. She was an avid Bingo fan and had even advertised in the local newspaper, calling for players to come and win his possessions while he was away. It turned out that not only did she hold several successful Bingo games with prizes like DVDs and CDs, books and designer clothes awarded, her soon-to-be-ex was cheating on her, so he really did get just desserts – while the winners got his stuff!

Sexed-Up Surprises

You may be surprised to hear how many Bingo games award players with lingerie and even sex toys! Ladies Nite Bingo is a huge hit, and many lucky winners have won prizes like edible underwear, lacy thongs and vibrators simply for landing a winning combination. The games range from the tame to the really raunchy, and in some cases, different positions have been used instead of numbers on the cards – giving 69 a whole new meaning!

Mermaids Magic

We did warn you that some of the prizes were a bit bizarre, and this one could well take the cake. A full mermaid costume was once offered up as a Bingo prize, and a huge number of players bought cards to play for the glittery tail and clamshell bra. This event was a once-off, and we not quite sure if it was the novelty appeal of it that drew in the crowds, or the fact that an awful lot of people have a hankering to be a mermaid!

Tasty Treats

In land-based Bingo halls, food was a common prize, especially in smaller towns where farmers markets were a regular occurrence. Food hampers were often up for grabs, as were fruit baskets and other prizes filled with fresh local produce. Often luxury food hampers were also awarded, and chocolates, biscuits and other delicacies were included. But when it comes to weird and wacky, it seems that food prizes are also right up there. Amongst the strange food prizes awarded to ‘lucky’ Bingo players have been pickled tongue, pigs trotters and sheep brains!

Branded Goods

While we all love a brand label or covet a handbag from a well-known designer, we are less likely to want to wear clothing that’s emblazoned with the branding of a random company. Sadly, one such printing company decided this was a great way to advertise, and printed a huge amount of caps and t-shirts with their name on it. These ‘prizes’ were then awarded during a Bingo game and the winners were generously gifted clothing that turned them in to walking advertisements. The company have said that they had created a win-win situation, but you can bet that those who claimed their mystery prizes were less than pleased!

White Elephants

Often, land based Bingo games are played in aid of a charity, and the prizes are donated. This, of course, can lead to some rather unusual rewards. Some of the oddest prizes from charity Bingo games have included a family of plastic pink lawn flamingo ornaments, a motorbike umbrella, sets of mismatched crockery and a miniature bulldozer that ran on batteries! Corporate donations are often far better, however, and can include prizes such as holidays, jewellery or gift certificates, making these games well worth playing.

Win a Wife

Well, not quite! But winning dates with men and woman is actually quite a common prize. Also, often awarded at charity events, winning a date with a celeb simply by having the winning Bingo card often pulls in the players, and the lucky winner gets to spend time with the date of their dreams. If you play online, you won’t quite win a wife either, but many happy matches have been made in chat rooms!

Milk for Life

We’ve left this one for last because it really takes first place in the weirdest prizes ever awarded in Bingo. At a tournament held in New York, the first prize up for grabs was a bona fide, real live milking cow! The lucky winner of this moo-velous prize was a young woman from the North, and it’s not known what she did with the cow in the end, but it’s certain that the newspapers milked the story for all it was worth.