Fascinating Bingo Facts

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Bingo has been imbedded in modern consciousness about as much as Blackjack or Poker. This lottery style game has had a unique rise to prominence, always avoiding being legally labelled as gambling, while probably doing more for charity than all other forms of gaming combined.

With the move of bingo to an online platform, it has become even more accessible to players from all walks of life and from geographically disparate areas. If the UK bingo statistics are anything to go by, the games popularity is definitely not slowing down. Instead, online bingo has expanded the games audience and mobile bingo has made it grow even more.

Exciting, authentic real money bingo games can now be played on your smartphone while on the go. The online chat functionality has also helped people make friends and build relationships.

When it comes to charity, online bingo keeps the flag flying high with many bingo sites also have string roots in local and international charity organisations. Let’s look at a few interesting and true bingo facts set out below.

Bingo Is Big Money

All gaming offers potentially big sums of money, but how much money is involved in Bingo?

The independent research group, MIntel states that in 2014, bingo spending was at £690 000 000 for the year. If current growth statistics remain the same, it is estimated that Bingo spending will rise to £728 000 000 in the next 3 years.

This is more money than people spend on attending football (soccer) events. This may be in part due to the government’s reduction of Bingo Hall tax on profits from 20% to 10% after the industry lobbied the government to reduce the tax.

Bingo Has A Strong Female Following

It has been estimated that in 2012 there were 2.5 million female bingo players of online Bingo in the UK. Bingo seems to be very popular with female players. This could possibly be where the strong sense of community and charitable sentiments originated in the game. This could also be tied with the roots of Bingo and the church. Bingo was often used as a fundraiser for many local churches across the globe.

A great example of Bingo uplifting the community it is played in can be found in Wisconsin, America in 1976. Two female members of the Native American Oneida Iroquois tribe saw that their people with living in poverty on their reservation.

With the assistance of their church they opened a local bingo hall simply to generate some funds for the elderly and poor. Essentially starting an operation run by the tribe, for the tribe. The success of this enterprise literally saved the Oneida people from the brink of destruction. During this time, there was a very militant uprising by the Native American community due to discrimination and government oversight.

These ladies caught international headlines with their practical and peaceful solution to their people’s problems and they embodied the American “can do” spirit. Their story was told in the book The Bingo Queens of Oneida: How Two Moms Started Tribal Gaming.

Playing Bingo Can Possibly Get You Arrested

In 2011, an avid Bingo player, Davis Jeffery was arrested for a very public display of almost nude celebrations after a Bingo Win.

Jeffery disrobed to his underwear at a Bingo hall to do a little celebratory dance and was soon escorted off the premises. Humility in winning is a celebrated trait in the Bingo Community and clearly not one Jeffery had!

Bingo Can Possibly Drive You Insane

Online Bingo first started with the Bingo Zone site going live in 1996. Currently the industry employs thousands of people, not even taking into account all the third party and fringe employees. The inventor of modern popular Bingo, Edwin Lowe, hired a professor named Carl Leffler to design a Bingo ticket set that would contain cards with non repeating number groups that can be used by Bingo Players. Leffler completed the monumental task in just under a year, handing over 6000 Bingo cards to Lowe, which are still used to this day.

Legend has it that as soon as he completed his task, Leffler went insane, but this story seems to be anecdotal as there has been no supporting evidence presented to support this claim.

The Staggering Bingo Statistics

What may give more credence to the story of a professor being driven insane by Bingo is the vast amount of possible bingo combinations that can be formed. Taking the standard 75-ball bingo ticket, there are 5 rows and 5 columns that can contain the numbers between 1 and 75.

The number of possible combinations that can be printed on Bingo cards number 552 septillion. Or if you prefer 552×1024, or as Leffler’s possible last words stated 552,446,474,061,128,648,601,600,000 possible combinations.

If reading these amazing facts doesn’t put you in the mood for a bingo game, nothing will!