Five Line Bingo Basics

Bingo, in its various styles, has been an immensely popular game around the world for longer than anyone can remember. In the United Kingdom, the best-loved variant is 90-ball bingo, whilst United States players prefer 75-ball bingo.

Whatever their preference, bingo players are known to become quite passionate about their game, which can be rather intimidating for first-time players. Other intimidating features about bingo include the sometimes complex rules of the game and the rather extensive language of bingo lingo.

Nevertheless, bingo is becoming ever more accessible as the game extends its reach to the online market on scores of dedicated bingo sites. As a result, there are many inexperienced players out there anxious to get in the game, despite its various daunting aspects. For these players, as well as experienced players in the mood for a change, five-line bingo is the answer they have searching for…

The Basics

Five-line bingo is derived from an older and lesser-known version of Swedish bingo. It is played with a five-line bingo card, like that used in 75-ball bingo. Unlike other variants, however, five-line bingo does not include a free space and offers players five chances to win.

Five Ways to Win

Five-line bingo’s most significant feature is its promise of five different ways to win (hence the name). In this way, five-line bingo differs considerably from the 75- and 90-ball bingo variants, which only offer one and three chances to win respectively.

The reason for this is that there are five different winning patterns in five-line bingo. These include the following:

  • One horizontal line or one diagonal line (left bottom to right upper corner or left upper to right upper corner)
  • Two horizontal lines
  • Three horizontal lines
  • Four horizontal lines
  • Five horizontal lines (also known as a full house)

Also, because five-line bingo does not include a free square as in other variants, every number counts.

Bigger Jackpots vs. Less Competition

Because 75- and 90-ball bingo are already such popular games worldwide, they attract thousands of players. With so many players purchasing cards for each game, the prize money up for grabs is often a considerable sum.

Five-line bingo, on the other hand, is still in its infancy and so the prizes available are sometimes (but not always) smaller than those on offer for these other variants. However, interest in five-line bingo is growing at a rapid pace so this discrepancy won’t last for very long. Online bingo sites, in particular, are cottoning onto this new trend so you can choose from various excellent five-line bingo providers.

In the meantime, five-line bingo players enjoy the advantage of having fewer players with whom to compete, making it that much easier to complete a winning combination before anyone else.

To maximise their winning potential, five-line bingo players can buy up to 96 tickets per game.

A Faster Pace

Another very appealing feature of five-line bingo is that the game proceeds very quickly. This is because of the multiple chances of winning, so players frequently find themselves in one-to-go scenarios where the jackpot is so close they can almost reach out and grab it.

This exciting pace is a major reason why even bingo traditionalists are giving the game a try and loving it.

Even More Chances to Win

When you play five-line bingo online, you have even more chances to win as bonus games are sometimes included in the bingo chat room, where players mingle with fellow bingo enthusiasts away from the main game. These bonus games are presented by the chat host or administrator and can provide a considerable boost for your bankroll.