Fun Bingo Facts and Figures

Bingo is an interesting, diversely played game, and one could write a book dedicated entirely too interesting facts concerning its various aspects. For example, did you know that more Scottish people play Bingo than any other nationality in the world? The statistic is that roughly 1 in 5 Scots play Bingo on a regular basis, while in the South of England it is only 1 in 20 that play Bingo regularly. If you think that’s amazing, take a look at this list of top 10 interesting Bingo facts and figures.

1.Social Bingo Is King

It would be more or less assumed that the main reason people play Bingo is to get a shot at winning some sort of prize. But it turns out this is not at all the case. When asking a selection of Bingo players what the number one reason they play is, the most popular answer was that Bingo is a good way to have social fun with friends. Winning the jackpot ranked as, in fact, only the fifth most popular reason that people play Bingo.

2.Age Is Just A Number

Bingo has a reputation for being a game played primarily by senior citizens. In fact, the idea is often played up for laughs in numerous movies and television shows. But statistics show that the majority of Bingo players are under the age of 35. Its unlikely the joke will stop being funny, but the fact is that the senior citizen stereotype is clearly just a misconception.

3.Peak Bingo Popularity

When Bingo was first becoming popular, back in the early 1900’s, it took the world by storm, played fanatically by groups of people from all walks of life. It is estimated that in 1934 roughly 10,000 social games of Bingo were going on at any given moment. That’s a whole lot of Bingo! With online Bingo rising in popularity today, that statistic is again almost being achieved in the online world.

4.Millions And Millions

In the year 2012, a survey showed that an estimated 2.2 million ladies played Bingo on a regular basis. That’s a pretty huge number. The most amazing part? This is only counting ladies in the United Kingdom. If taking into account the whole world, the number is substantially higher.

5.Big Bingo Wins

Since its introduction into the United Kingdom in 2001, there have been countless online Bingo wins, including some pretty big ones. The biggest win ever recorded in online Bingo history is a staggering £430,000. Now that’s an impressive Bingo win, everyone can agree on that.

6.The Royal Bingo

It has been a tradition for the royal family to play Bingo in Buckingham Palace for many decades. The game is said to be thoroughly enjoyed by the royal family, and both the Queen and Prince William are rumoured to love the game so much that they are always first when the Bingo tickets get distributed! There is no word on what the prize for the winner is, but in Buckingham Palace it’s likely to be something pretty impressive.

7.Everyone Is A Winner

Statistics show that winning at Bingo online is a pretty common occurrence. During a recent survey it was announced that as many as 96% of all regular Bingo players have won at least once, at some point in their lives.

8.Nude Bingo Shenanigans

In 2011 a man named Davis Jeffrey, living in the United Kingdom, was so excited that he won at Bingo that he stripped down to his underwear in glorious celebration. Sadly, the poor man was arrested and taken to jail for indecent public behaviour. On the plus side, a group of ladies that had been at the Bingo game came to bail him out, telling the police it had all just been a big misunderstanding. One assumes this was at a public Bingo game, and not an online one. Underwear celebrations are a lot more acceptable in the comfort of your own home.

9.Technology Moves Forward

It is commonly known that Bingo used to be played with physical cardboard tickets, but technology has drastically changed the way the game functions. Although the same rules apply, 90% of Bingo games are now played in digital form. This includes mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Very few games of Bingo, anywhere in the world, are still played using physical tickets.

10.Superstitious Bingo Players

In a recent survey it was found that nearly half of all Bingo players are superstitious in some way. The most common superstition involves having a certain number present on a Bingo ticket, or insisting that a certain number be absent. The second most common superstition involves only playing while having a lucky object nearby. Common lucky objects include an article of clothing, such as a hat or pair of shoes, or small item that can be held in a hand, such as a lucky rabbit’s foot.