Fun Facts About Bingo

Bingo has been seeing a massive increase in popularity since it has been adopted at online casinos. In fact, bingo is almost more popular than it has ever been, which is pretty amazing news, since it was one of the most popular games in the world in the late 1800s, and early 1900s. Its popularity gradually waned, and has only just recently picked up to new heights.

The game has basically seen one of the biggest comebacks in popular game history, which makes it a little something like the Rocky Balboa of the casino game world. And if you think that’s an interesting fact about the humble game of bingo, wait until you see some of the other facts on our list of amazing facts about the game of bingo.

Origins In Education

Most don’t know this, but the standard card used in bingo, a simple grid with numbers, was in fact originally used to teach children mathematics skills. That’s right; bingo was originally used as a method to help children get better at maths. The card design came about in Germany somewhere in the 1800s, and was so effective that bingo game players officially adopted it.

The design was streamlined and perfected, and has remained the same until this very day. Of course, bingo cards are mostly digital these days, but that same design is used, even in the virtual world. Thanks, Germany, and thanks German educators of the 1800s.

Bingo Riches

Many play bingo because it is a fun way to socialise with friends, but that doesn’t mean people don’t like to win a healthy jackpot every now and again. And if you thought bingo jackpots were only modest sums, you would be wrong. The biggest bingo jackpot prize ever occurred in The Castle Club, Merthyr Tydfil, and was over 1.1 million pounds. That’s a healthy sum to walk away with after a game of bingo, we can testify to that. The lucky lady in question was named Christine Bradfield, a grandmother, and we like to think she was carried around on the other player’s shoulders as she punched the air in victory.

In the online world the biggest bingo win is slightly less, but still a pretty huge amount. It was £430,900, and the details of the event are slightly more shrouded in mystery. This is because online winners can choose to disclose their details or not, and in this case the person clearly thought it best to keep their pounds to themselves. We don’t blame them; who wants the library knowing you can finally afford those late fees?


Bingo was originally called beano, mostly due to the fact that beans were used to mark the numbers on the cards. The game would very likely have remained with that name, but for a woman who yelled out the word “bingo” upon winning, which was a common exclamation of excitement at the time. The goof was so loved by other players that they likewise began to call out bingo. The trend caught on, and the makers of the bingo game at the time decided to officially change the name of the game to bingo.

Today the original name of the game has been forgotten, and people no longer use beans to mark cards. It is much more accepted to be tapping winning numbers on a touchscreen, of course, and we like to think it saves a bundle on bean costs. We also like to think that if that one lady had called out something different upon winning, besides bingo, that the game might also have a completely different name.

Millions Upon Millions

If taking into account only online bingo players, and taking into account only players in the United Kingdom, there are roughly 3 million bingo players on a daily basis. Sure, bingo is especially popular in the United Kingdom, but that’s still a pretty staggering number of online bingo players.

To break the statistic down a bit further, on average roughly 80% of all bingo players are female, and about 20% male. It seems that bingo is a game mostly enjoyed by the fairer sex. We just had another thought; if you’re a single guy looking to meet some ladies, and haven’t been looking where bingo players congregate, maybe you’ve been looking in the wrong places all this time.

Age Is But a Number

Contrary to popular belief, the average age of the online bingo player is between 35 and 40. Bingo has a reputation for appealing exclusively to senior citizens, but this clearly isn’t the case. That’s not to say senior citizens don’t play; we’re sure there are a number of older ladies and gentlemen playing the game as well.

All we’re saying is that the common perception shown in television is ill deserved. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we’ll be seeing you in the online bingo rooms.