Fun Online Bingo Facts

Online Bingo has been around for a while now, and it’s becoming more popular all the time. As with any game there are always fascinating facts that have sprung up over the years, so we rounded up those we felt were the most interesting, just for you!

First Online Bingo Games

The first online casino went live in 1994 and it didn’t take long for Bingo to go online too. The earliest publicized online Bingo game was called Bingo Zone and was available from 1996, followed by Bingo Blitz in 1998.

The Social Factor

Although Bingo in land-based arenas is played with a multitude of people, the game itself isn’t that social, and everyone is quiet when the caller calls out the winning numbers. The socializing in land based Bingo takes place before and after the games. In contrast, online Bingo is social at all times, as auto dab features ensure that players don’t miss out on crossing off winning numbers. Online chat rooms are always buzzing, and it doesn’t seem to matter if a game is in play or not.

Gender Stats

Bingo was often considered a women’s domain and although many men play, it seems like it is the ladies who make up the majority. Studies have shown that 83% of online Bingo players are women, compared to 17% men.

An Age Gap

Online, the majority of Bingo players fall between the ages of 25 and 40. However there has been a surge of interest from millennials recently, and Bingo is fast becoming a popular game with this demographic too. The average age of a land based Bingo player is 63, but online, it is far, far younger, and new players seem to be getting involved all the time.

Daily Players

More than 48% of online Bingo enthusiasts admit to playing Bingo at least once a day, every day. A large number of players have said that they make Bingo part of their daily routine, and that they’ll go to great lengths just to play a card or two.

Big Bucks

In 2010 it was reported that online Bingo revenue exceeded $640 million, and 40% of this came from the UK! The UK is the world’s biggest Bingo fan, and over 50% of online players globally hail from this region to this day.

Great Development

The UK may have the lion’s share of players, but in the US online Bingo is considered one of the most popular casual gaming pastimes.

As time goes by it is safe to say that online Bingo is only getting bigger, better and more exciting, and the facts speak for themselves!