Future of Bingo

Bingo is more popular than ever before, given how convenient it has become to play bingo online. There is simply no beating the streamlined, convenient experience offered by online bingo rooms. It is possible to play directly from a mobile phone, from anywhere in the world, twenty four hours a day. How could the experience possibly get any better?

Well, it just so happens that the online world of casino games, such as bingo, are about to enter into a whole new era. Yes, online bingo is amazing as it currently stands, but imagine bingo combined with technology so impressive that transports you t another world entirely. This is the future made possible by technology such as virtual reality and augmented reality, and it will be so amazing that online bingo will never be the same again.

But let’s not get too carried away. After all, its unlikely that every bingo room online will suddenly demand that you own a pair of virtual reality goggles. The truth remains, however, that modern technology is about to enter into a new realm, and we are all very lucky to be around to see it happen.

Virtual Reality Bingo

“Why would bingo ever need to be in virtual reality,” you might be asking. And that is a very valid question. Bingo is, after all, a simple, straightforward game, with very little to be gained from hyper advanced technology like virtual reality. Or is it?

One of the major benefits of bingo is that it is a very social game, very much based around bringing friends together, and allowing them to socialise over a simple game. Current forms of online bingo, although allowing players to communicate, don’t offer the social experience found in a real world bingo hall. At least, they don’t without the power of virtual reality.

Virtual reality technology could put players together, in a virtual room, and make it feel as if they were all sitting right across from one another, just like real life. The players could speak, see one another in clear detail, and even interact. Interact within certain constraints, that is. Bingo with the added power of virtual reality could be the ultimate online social experience, so much so that friends on opposite sides of the world could once again be reunited.

Augmented Reality Bingo

Augmented reality may not have the buzz around it that virtual reality currently does, but that does not mean it isn’t an incredible technology with amazing potential. For those unaware, augmented reality digitally places objects in a real world environment. So, for example, a person wearing augmented reality glasses could have a digital bingo card appear on the table, right in front of them. The digital bingo card could be interacted with, drawn on as the player sees fit, and will, of course, still be synced with an online game.

If stretching this technology further, augmented reality could create a digital bingo number caller right in your living room, like a hologram. The number caller would call out the numbers for you, and even appear in a number of different, interesting forms. It sounds like science fiction, but is entirely possible with current augmented reality technology. We may not be seeing digital bingo callers for a few years still, but the technology is right around the corner.

Unlimited Potential

Most amazing of all is that the above-mentioned examples of future bingo are very subdued. Stretch your imagination a bit, and things start really getting interesting. Imagine playing virtual reality bingo, with friends, while sitting on the surface of the moon. Yes, this is entirely possible with virtual reality, and may soon be available to try out in the near future.

Don’t like the moon? How about playing bingo with friends, in a dome under the ocean? Not wacky enough for you? How about playing virtual reality bingo with friends, and you’ve all been transformed into giants, sitting amongst tiny buildings and people? Virtual reality has incredible potential, requiring only a bit of imagination to unlock.

Augmented reality is equally as amazing, if giving it a bit of thought. The technology could bring your friends, from all over the world, to you living room, and put them in the chairs at your table. And, of course, the digital bingo caller would be there, visible to all the players, and perhaps might appear as a giant sentient panda bear.

Future Incoming

Virtual reality is already here, and already available, although at an expensive price. But as the technology becomes more widely accepted, it will surely become cheaper, more accessible, and a great deal more impressive. For the time being we will all have to settle for standard online bingo, but don’t get too settled, your next game of bingo might just be up in space, surrounded by distant planets and circling asteroid fields.