Gadgets to Make Mobile Gaming More Fun

Gadgets to Make Mobile Gaming More FunCasual players might think that there is not much more to mobile gaming than tapping and swiping at a touchscreen like a rabid chimp. The truth is, playing bingo on your smartphone or tablet does not need to be like that.

Every year sees the release of new gadgets that transform the way players enjoy mobile games. Some are easily affordable, while others may require a couple of months’ saving up. Either way, it is ultimately a small price to pay if you are serious about gaming.

We’ve put together a selection of some of our favourite gadgets, along with a brief description of the wonders they can work for games on your mobile device.

Mobile Game Controllers

They may look somewhat outlandish, but game controllers for Android, iOS, and other mobile devices are a boon to players used to playing on console. Smartphones and tablets can be attached to the controller, and Bluetooth technology connects the two.

Most controllers have ergonomically-designed, rubberised grips, which means you can enjoy long gaming sessions in comfort. Many controllers also feature headphone jacks, and have rechargeable batteries.

Mobile Device Power Banks

OK, so power banks don’t actually change the way you play games on your mobile device, although they do allow you to play for much longer. If you have ever played mobile games, you will know just how quickly they can drain your device’s battery.

Portable power banks are how you can prevent your gaming sessions from being cut short due to a flat battery. Most power banks have mini- and microUSB ports so you can charge a couple of devices simultaneously, and their lithium ion batteries can hold as many as 500 mobile device battery cycles.

Speakers, Bluetooth headsets, and ports for MP3 and MP4 players can also be connected to most power banks.

Smartphone and Tablet Headphones

Mobile game sound effects on your smartphone or tablet loudspeaker are not too much of a problem when you are playing bingo games or other casino games at home, but they can be an issue if you are out and on the move.

The good news is that there are top quality mobile headphones available, so you can turn up the volume while keeping it all to yourself. There are a few reasons why we prefer headphones to earphones.

For starters, headphones are more comfortable. There is no need to squish headphones into your tiny little ear holes. Secondly, the audio quality offered by headphones is usually far superior to that offered by earphones.

Tablet Joysticks

One of our favourite mobile gaming gadgets is the tablet joystick. It is a mini version of the same type of joysticks found on vintage arcade games, and it is perfectly suited to many skills-based games.

Tablet joysticks do not require batteries, special apps, or anything else. All you need to do is place it on your tablet screen, directly above the controls on the game’s control panel, and then use it exactly as you would if you were in an 80s game arcade.

Mobile Device Mini Arcades

Pricey but oh so much fun, mobile device mini arcades, like tablet joysticks, are a must-have for players who love retro-style gaming. They look exactly like small versions of arcade games, and are fitted with control buttons and a joystick.

You can slide your smartphone or tablet into the space where the arcade’s screen would be, and once it is connected, you can start playing.

These are just a few of the mobile gaming gadgets we think no serious player should be without.