How Bingo and Slots are Similar

Going by appearances, bingo and slots seem worlds apart. The first is played by dabbing numbers on tickets that feature grids, and the second is played by spinning reels to produce combinations of symbols.

However, the two games have much in common, so there’s a good chance that players who love playing bingo at Giggle Bingo will also relish the action offered by slot machines.

No Serious Skill Required

One of the most appealing of similarities between bingo and slots is that you don’t need any particular skills to play them. They are both great games for complete beginners.

When playing bingo with us, you don’t even need to worry about dabbing your tickets, because our autodab software does all the work for you. When playing slots, all you need to do after adjusting the bet settings to your liking is to click the Spin button.

Strategy Isn’t a Concern

The ease of playing bingo and slots leads to another similarity between the two popular games. You don’t need to concern yourself with complicated and confusing strategies.

Whereas strategy plays an important role in card games such as poker and blackjack, there is little scope for it in bingo and slots because the outcomes cannot be manipulated. In bingo, numbers are drawn from a drum or produced by a random number generator, and in slots, the symbol combinations are produced by reels or by a random number generator.

Social or Solo

Another way in which online bingo and slots are similar is that they allow for social and solo gaming. You can chat to other players while playing bingo and slots at Giggle Bingo, or you can enjoy the action without chatting to other players.

Even though bingo is played with other players, no one is going to force you to be social if you feel like keeping to yourself.

Easy Opportunities to Win

Some players may be thinking that the simplicity of bingo and slots means the potential rewards couldn’t be very exciting. This is simply not true.

While both games make for almost effortless entertainment, both could see you win real money jackpots that could change your life forever.

If bingo and slots both sound good to you, and you can’t decide which to play first, don’t worry. Giggle Bingo won’t force you to choose.

With our software, you can play bingo and slots at the same time. Come play for fantastic pots and prizes with us now!