How Bingo Evolved Over Time

How Bingo Evolved Over Time

Most bingo players know that the game isn’t exactly a new one, but not all that many know where it began or how it evolved. The timeline of bingo’s evolution is a fascinating one, and stretches back five hundred years ago, to 16th century Italy!

That early game was quite different to the one you know from halls and rooms these days, and certainly very different to the innovative games you can play with us. Find out more with Giggle Bingo.

16th Century Origins of Bingo

Sometime around 1530, a game called Le Lotto was inspired by Italy’s Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia, and became all the rage. Le Lotto took elements from the state’s lottery, and combined them with cards to create a new game.

The fashionable game quickly caught on in France and Britain, before spreading to other parts of Europe.

19th Century Evolution in Germany

The game that eventually became bingo underwent a transformation in 19th century Germany. Someone realised that it could be used for more than just entertaining adults, and after a few adjustments, a variation called Tombola was developed.

Tombola was used to teach children mathematics, spelling, and, in some instances, history as well.

Early 20th Century Evolution in America

An early version of bingo brought to the United States of America was initially known as Beano, because players stamped their cards with beans. One of the first instances of it being played was at a jamboree near Atlanta in the 1920s.

Edwin Lowe heard one of the game winners call Bingo instead of Beano, and liked the sound of it so much, he renamed the game. He then got Carl Leffler, a math teacher at Columbia College, to improve bingo card blends.

The game caught on, and once a Pennsylvania Catholic priest introduced it to his parish as a fundraiser, its popularity skyrocketed. As many as 10 000 bingo games were being played weekly by 1934.

Late 20th Century Digital Evolution

The next stage in the evolution of bingo happened in the late 20th century. The world’s first true online casino launched in 1994, and in 1996, a basic free bingo site was launched.

Others quickly followed, and brought with them the opportunity to daub for real money. So many players flocked to online bingo rooms in 1998, the phenomenon became known as the Bingo Rush.

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