How Online Bingo Can Improve your Health

For many people, online bingo is a great way to relax, unwind and possibly win a bit of cash in the process. Most bingo players enjoy playing online bingo games because they don’t require the same amount of hard focus as other casino games with similar payouts.

What most players don’t realise is that bingo also offers a whole host of mental and physical health benefits. From improved mathematical reasoning to stress relief and focus awareness, you will be surprised at how much a game of bingo can improve your overall heath and wellness. Giggle Bingo takes a look at the various ways in which playing bingo online can actually benefit your body and mind.

Improved Concentration

Not too long ago, handheld gaming systems came out with a variety of brain training video games designed to progress your mental focus and improve your mental health. While bingo might not have the same level of training, it certainly focuses your concentration and improves your multi-tasking abilities. Because of the way the game is designed, bingo does not overtax your brain with extreme focus, it creates a secondary thought process where you can swap between your gaming life and what you are doing at home.


A recent study showed that people who actively work the memory centres of their brain can slow down the degradation of the brain later in life. It is easily explained if you think of your brain as a muscle that must be worked and toned in order to function properly. With bingo, your memory centre is the main part of your brain that is used when playing a full game.

Bingo players develop the ability to remember large sets of numbers and mark them off on their cards over a period of time. If you think back to the first time you played bingo, it took a great deal of effort to keep up with the flow of the game, having to mark off numbers while the next set was already been read out. The more you play, the better your number memory becomes. In time, you will be able to instantly recall the full list of numbers while stimulatingly having a conversation with your friends.

Stress Relief

One of the biggest factors influencing poor heath today is stress. You may not know this but stress is the main cause of many health problems and diseases. In today’s fast-paced word, setting aside time for stress relief is as important as eating well and getting plenty of exercise. Possibly the most important health benefit that bingo offers is active stress relief. Due to the way the game is set up, bingo gently removes your focus from the worries of work and provides a welcome distraction with a fun and active gaming environment.

Social Connections

It is a well-known fact that humans are social creatures. We crave connection, whether with family or friends and having someone to relate to is a big part of our lives. With online bingo, the chat facility is as important as the game itself. Chatting to friends and family is a great way to get rid of the stress of your day and balance your energy. Just a few minutes of chatting to friends can improve your mental and physical heath, giving you more energy and focus for the rest of the day.

So next time you are thinking about playing a bit of bingo online, you might be getting out more than you think. As well as having the ability to win some serious cash, you can actually improve your daily health, reduce the risk of stress-related diseases and increase your cognitive function.