Is There A Winning Bingo Strategy?

Some online games such as poker and blackjack are very much based around skill. That is to say, the more experienced and practiced players are at the games, the better their chances of winning. In fact, some players out there are so skilled that they make their living from playing poker, which is a serious testament to how good a person can get at it. These players do, however, see casino games in an entirely different light. They play by specific strategies, and have an understanding of the game that far transcends your average player.

But what about a game such as online bingo? Can a person get so good at bingo that they are able to make a living from it? Is there such a thing as a professional bingo player? Are there steps that can be taken that will make a person more likely to win at bingo?

The obvious answer is no. Bingo is not a skill-based game, which should be fairly obvious to the majority of people. The player does not select the numbers on their cards, and has no control over how the numbers are called. Therefore, how can they possibly sway the game in their favour? This is true, but there are, in fact, steps that can be taken which will increase your chances of winning at bingo. Let’s have a look at 3 bingo winning tips that may change your luck.

1.Play More Cards

It’s a pretty obvious thing to point out, but it also happens to be one of the best ways to increase your chances of winning at bingo. Simply buy more digital cards, which will give you more chances at making a winning combination. In days of old players would avoid doing this, since it meant having to manually mark winning numbers on a number of cards, which could tend to be a bit confusing. In modern times, however, online bingo games will help keep track of your winning numbers for you. Hence, you can but as many cards as you want and still keep track of the game.

The only thing to keep in mind in this case is that it obviously makes no sense to spend more money on bingo cards than the actual value of the prize. It’s best to check the jackpot prize amount in advance, and spend an amount on cards that you think is fair. Once you’ve done so, sit back and rest easy in the knowledge that your chances at winning may have as much as doubled. This does however depend on how many cards the other players in the game have bought.

2.Choose Your Games Wisely

This one is a bit sneaky, but also s a good way to increase your chances at winning. Simply buy cards in bingo games that have the least amount of players. Statistics say that the less players in a bingo game, the more your individual chances of winning. There are, however, a few drawbacks to this tip. First of all, many online bingo games don’t specify how many players have bought cards in a game. Second, some online bingo games base the cash prize on how many cards have been bought for that game, which will mean that the less players in a game, the smaller the prize will actually be. You are still more likely to be a winner, however.

This tip is more a case of you using it if you are willing to accept a smaller jackpot amount, and find an online bingo game that states how many players have bought cards. Either way, it’s a good tip to keep in the back of your head. All winning bingo tip are good tips.

3.Be Early To The Party

This is another tip that may seem obvious, but one that is always worth remembering if you are serious about being a winner. The tip is simply this; be ready early and take the game seriously. You would be astonished to know how many people lose the jackpot prize simply because they miss numbers being called out. Yes, bingo is a social game, and many play it as an excuse to socialise with friends. But, missing a number, and the jackpot prize, because you are chatting with a friend is a guaranteed way to be a less successful bingo player.

On the other hand, if you don’t really care about the prize and are just there to catch up with friends, that’s fine as well. We don’t mind either way. Bingo is a game about having fun, and however you do it is fine with us.  For those lean mean bingo machines looking for a jackpot, on the other hand, read over our tips again and get yourself over to a digital bingo table. The next big win is surely just on the horizon.