Keno Versus Bingo

To the untrained player, it might seem that Keno and Bingo are basically the same game. They both involve playing a game with numbers, they both use a series of cards or tickets, and players of both games are waiting with bated breath for their number to be called.

While it’s true that those characteristics are the same for both games, there are far more differences between the two games than there are similarities. Let’s take a look at each game individually to find out just what those differences are.

Keno Explained

Keno is one of the world’s oldest gambling games. It originated in China and the funds raised from its implementation actually helped to build the Great Wall!

The game is played by participants choosing and wagering on numbers. These numbers will normally run from one to eighty. Once the player has chosen their set of numbers and completed their wager, a series of twenty numbers are randomly drawn by the game operator. These numbers can be picked with an RNG, random number generator, or sometimes with a ball machine.

Players will find that each operator will have their own paytable from which they issue payouts. The player is then paid based on how many numbers they chose, which out of the chosen numbers were matching, and how much the player wagered.

Bingo Explained

Bingo is a game that is often played on a card with a grid printed on it. On the grid, there are a certain numbers printed in each column. At the top of the column the word Bingo is spelled out. Certain columns have a certain range of numbers that will fall under them. Once the game has started, the game operator will get numbers from a ball machine or a random number generator and call it out to the players.

The object of the game is for the person playing Bingo to get a certain pattern on their card. This patter can include a straight line, four corners, a card blackout and many more. The middle space on the grid is often given to the player as a free space. When a person wins, they call out Bingo and are awarded with a prize.

Now that you know the differences of Keno versus Bingo, you’re ready to play. Cross your fingers and hope that they call your numbers!