The Largest Casinos In The World

Casinos have a reputation for being exceptionally large buildings, often to the point of complete absurdity. In fact, it has become a tradition for casinos to compete to be the biggest in the world, or at least make the top 10 list. This has given us some pretty immense casinos, and some are so spectacular to behold that they can all bat take your breath away.

Interestingly, many assume that the biggest casinos must certainly be in Las Vegas, given the reputation of that area of the world. And, indeed, some of the biggest casinos are in Vegas, but a fair amount of them are not. And, in fact, the biggest in the world is in another part of the world entirely.

Let’s take a look at the biggest casinos in the world, and see where they located.

Venetian Macao, Macau, China

Macau is often referred to as the new Las Vegas, and for very good reason. This area in China is the only region not included in Chinese gambling laws, and this has given rise to the largest gambling capital in the world today. Las Vegas may have the reputation, but it is in fact Macau that is the gambling hub of the world.

The Venetian Macao is a behemoth of a structure, occupying 546,000 square feet, as much space as many normal sized buildings. The structure dominates the skyline in the area, and can be seen towering above other buildings from almost anywhere in the area. The hotel is capable of bedding 3,000 guests, and there are a total of 870 separate tables for casino games. Note that that’s more than the tables hosted at many online poker websites, that practically have unlimited space.

City of Dreams, Macau, China

China holds the second spot on the list as well, and although one may call the Venetian Macao like a city, the City of Dreams aims to be an actual separate city, functioning entirely separately from the area around it. Guests can check into the City of Dreams, and never have to leave for any reason, until their holiday finishes. From shops and entertainment venues, to dining facilities and everything in between, the City of Dreams is a self-sustaining casino wonderland.

It is, however, overall a bit smaller than the Venetian Macao, occupying 420,000 square feet, but is certainly no slouch in the size department. It should also be noted that the City of Dreams is directly beside the Venetian Macao, so one can only imagine what these two venues look like side by side.

Foxwoods, Ledyard, Connecticut, USA

Foxwoods in Connecticut, USA, is significantly smaller than the venues mentioned above, coming in at 340,000 square feet, but is still certainly an enormous venue. The 824 total possible guests can find 400 casino game tables, and 7,000 slot games inside, all while having access to the legendary Hard Rock Cafe, an acclaimed dining venue housed within.

Ponte 16, Macau, China

And once again back to Macau and China, with the Ponte 16. Significantly smaller than Foxwoods at 270,000 square feet, the Ponte 16 houses a total of 150 casino game tables, and can house a total of 423 guests. The Ponte 16 is not near the Venetian Macao or City of Dreams, however, or the entire region of Macau may have been occupied by just these 3 venues.

Tusk Rio, Klerksdorp, South Africa

And now to the other side of the world in South Africa, Klerksdorp, where we find the Tusk Rio hotel and casino, occupying 266,000 square feet. The Tusk Rio is a great deal more modest than the other casinos on this list, having room for 70 guests, and having only 12 casino game tables. But, what the Tusk Rio lacks in enormous size it more than makes up for in luxury and style.

The Tusk Rio is famous for offering private gambling salons to its guests, and for having a glamorous theme taken from the famous Brazilian Carnivals. Guests are also treated to the picturesque landscapes that surround the casino, which feature classic African nature that stretches on for as far as the eye can see.

MGM Grand Macao, Macau, China

Once gain back to China where we find the MGM Grand, the sister location of the MGM Grand located in Las Vegas, Nevada. You might be noticing that up until this point, none of the locations have been in Las Vegas at all. Well, rest assured that if this list had had another entry, it would have been the MGM Grand in Vegas.

The MGM Grand in Macau occupies a space of 222,000 square feet, and happens to have room for a great many more guests than the Tusk Rio, with beds for 593 in total. It seems that the MGM Grand may perhaps prefer quantity to luxury, in this case. Either way, the MGM Grand in Macau is a popular destination that sees tens of thousands of guests annually.