Lucky And Unlucky Bingo Numbers

Not everyone is superstitious, but there are many out there who have lucky numbers, even if they don’t know exactly why a certain number should or shouldn’t be lucky. There are a wide variety of numbers considered to be lucky, but a few that tend to often be seen as lucky, even in different countries and cultures.

Hey, we’re not judging, we have our own set of lucky numbers, and stick by them passionately. There is, after all, no harm in having lucky numbers in a game like online bingo. If anything, it just makes the game a great deal more fun and entertaining. Even so, lets take a look at some common lucky and unlucky numbers, and learn some interesting things about how they got that reputation.

Lucky Number 7

7 is one of the most commonly seen lucky numbers, and has this sentiment attached almost anywhere you go in the world. In fact, many other casino games beyond bingo share the lucky number 7 superstition. But why exactly does number 7 have this perception attached to it?

Before we even get started on why 7 is so lucky, let’s consider a few other interesting things you may never have thought about. 7 is not just lucky, it happens to be present is so many other areas of the world that it can be considered a number of many functions. There are, for starters 7 days in a week. There are also 7 colours in a rainbow, which may surprise you, since it’s one that is often overlooked. There are 7 musical scales, and even 7 continents on the planet. Not impressed yet?

Well, how about that Snow White hung around with 7 dwarves, that 7 holds great significance in the Hebrew religion, and that James Bond was numbered 007? 7 Wonders of the World, 7 Chakras in the human body, 7 seas, and there are even more.

So Why Is 7 Lucky?

The truth is that it is not just one thing that makes the number lucky, but rather all of the above-mentioned things combined. The number 7 itself seems to have a reputation built up since the beginning of recorded history.

But, of course, you need not even be concerned with any of this if 7 is your lucky number. There are no requirements for a number being lucky, it just can be. Oh, and three 7s equals a blackjack, by the way. And 7 is a win in craps.

Unlucky Number 13

So 7 is an overwhelmingly lucky number, which number is considered to be the unluckiest? That honour goes to the number 13, which is regarded by some to be as unlucky as 7 is lucky. We all already know that Friday the 13th is a day to be wary of, there is, after all, an entire franchise of movies based around it.

But did you know that 13 is also the tarot card marked as the death card? In modern times a less significant ill omen is centred on this card, but in the old days it was the card everyone dreaded most. And lets not forget the Judas, the man who betrayed Jesus in the bible, was the 13th guest at the last supper.

Don’t be too hard on 13, however, because in many parts of Italy 13 is actually considered to be a lucky number, and 17 to be the unlucky number. It just goes to show that significance attached to numbers can be flexible.

So Why Is 13 Unlucky?

As with the number 7, it is not just one thing that has made the number 13 unlucky, but a combination of many things. In addition to the mention of Judas above, 13 was also the number of steps on the gallows in ancient times. And Friday the 13th itself is said to be the date that Knights Templar were executed back in ancient times.

Plus, of course, the very fact that Friday the 13th is even considered unlucky means that business is bad for many shop owners, which is a sort of self fulfilling bad luck effect. But, as had already been said, it’s not unlucky to everyone.

Lucky Charms

But maybe you’re not the type of person who considers numbers lucky or unlucky, but instead prefers lucky charms. Many bingo players have lucky charms, and they hold much the same purpose as lucky numbers. Except, of course, that a lucky charm is always lucky, and doesn’t require a certain number to be on the bingo card. So, perhaps they are the better choice of the two, if you’re looking to have a bit of added luck wherever you can get it.

The two most common lucky charms are four leafed clovers and a rabbit’s foot. And, as it turns out, both are pretty easily accessible online these days. Imagine the enormous amount of luck you could conjure if you had one of each?