The Mathematics Of Playing Bingo

Who doesn’t love bingo? It’s a fun, social game suitable for just about anyone. Since it’s such a simple game, players can chat, make friends, and even catch up on a bit of gossip while having fun, making it perfect for those looking to mingle. Plus, in days of old bingo was limited to large, dedicated halls, but today online bingo means players can be located literally anywhere in the world. In fact, bingo is more popular than it’s ever been.

Most play for the social aspect of the game, but who doesn’t also like walking away with a bit of extra cash, or prizes, in their pocket? Bingo is, after all, a casino game, which means that winning is also a big part of the game. But what are the chances of winning a game of bingo, exactly?

With all those numbers and variables, it seems like the chances of victory must be rather limited. But, as it turns out, the chances of wining at bingo are not at all as slime as one might think.

Divide By Players

It’s true that bingo is based around a fairly large selection of numbers, but this is not the correct way to view the winning potential of the game. In reality the chances of winning bingo are simply a matter of how many people are playing the game. Since there is always a winner in bingo, it means that numbers are going to be called out until a winning sequence is created.

This means that the chances of winning are simply equal to the number of bingo cards currently being used. So, if there are ten people playing, the chances are one in ten. The bingo cards themselves are random, so it doesn’t matter who got which card. The chances are always one in ten, if ten cards are being marked off. Not bad odds after all.

Of course, if there are fifty people playing the chances become one in fifty. So, pro tip, if you’re looking to be a bingo winner, always join the online bingo games with the least active number of players.

Bingo By Number Of Calls Made

If you’re looking for a more complicated mathematical equation to determine the chances of a bingo being achieved, you can consider how likely bingo is after a certain amount of numbers being called. For example, assuming only a single person is playing, after five numbers have been called the chances of winning are extremely low, less than even 1%. And, if twenty numbers are called, the chances of a single person winning increase to only 2.5%. That is going to be one long game of bingo, right?

Not really, because probability is a curios thing, especially when it comes to casino games. The chances of winning increase dramatically after the slow start. By 65 numbers being called, the chances of a singe person winning increase dramatically to 99.9%. Why? Because there are only so many numbers in a bingo game, and once they start being crossed off, the favour sways massively in favour of a winner.

Bingo, however, is a group game, so let’s just assume that a total of one hundred people are playing the game. In this case, the chances of a bingo being achieved with each call are remarkably higher, so much so that the game is sure to be over in record time. After twenty calls, with one hundred players, the chances of their being a winner are 87%.

Improve Your Chances Of Winning

So what can any one player do to improve their chances of winning? Not really much at all. Since bingo is based entirely around random chance, there is no way that one player can sway the chances of bingo more in their favour. It is, to put it in other words, a completely level playing field.

The only real thing that can be done to be more likely to win is reduce the amount of players, as has already been said, otherwise a person may keep their lucky rabbits foot, or other superstitious item, close at hand to perhaps appease lady luck. Remember though, lady luck is fickle, and not often can be she brought onto the side of any one player. Best keep two rabbits foot lucky charms, just in case.

Play Online Bingo Now

If you’re looking to try your luck at bingo, get involved in any of the online games currently available. There are many bingo rooms to choose from, with regular games occurring on a daily, and even hourly basis. If you prefer social bingo, and aren’t interested in winning prizes, keep in mind that many online bingo games are free, not requiring money in order to participate. Such rooms are great for people who just want to make friends and socialise.