Modern Bingo Terminology

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Bingo has quite a rich and varied terminology attached to the game. Bingo was always seen as a social game and as such, a rich and diverse language arose around the game and players from many regions quickly adopted it.

Bingo terminology could vary quite a bit from region to region, with each bingo hall having a unique set of words for calling out the numbers or referring to winning combinations.

The Origin Of Traditional Bingo Terms

Most of the Bingo lingo used in live Bingo halls originated from British rhyming slang. Bingo callers would call the number and then one of a set of rhyming slang terms. This helped the Bingo players to make out the number called as well as made the game a bit more entertaining.

Some of the more amusing terms you would hear at live bingo halls include: Number 8 – Garden Gate, Number 9 –Doctors Orders, named after a laxative given out to the Army, Number 25- Duck and dive, which not only was a rhyme but also referred to the number 2 looking like a duck.

The Switch To Online Bingo Terminology

With the advent of online Bingo, a lot of the original and regional terminologies have been replaced. Online bingo games make use of instant messaging so a lot of the new Bingo terminology is related to the language use of instant messaging.

Online culture has again created a rich and diverse new bingo logo for online players. Some of the most common community terms are used not just in Bingo, but also in online forums across the Internet.

These include terms like BRB, which means “Be Right Back”. This is used when you have to leave your keyboard for those all important bathroom breaks or to go make a quick snack between Bingo games.

You will also see the term CM, which means Chat Master or Chat Monitor. This is the administrator for the chat group you are on and will keep the conversation clean.

Learning Modern Bingo Terms

All in all, the popularity of Bingo has gone from strength to strength since it has gone online. There is no doubt that the rich Bingo language will continue to develop even more. It is helpful to know these terms so that you can not only follow games but make a good impression on fellow players. To help you out, Giggle Bingo has a full list of terms on site to get you talking the same language in no time!