What Not to Do in Online Bingo

Online bingo gamesWhat Not to Do in Online Bingo are one of the fastest-growing online entertainment sectors, combining fun, action, socialisation and potential wins in a unique way. Apart from the obvious dos of choosing the game you want carefully from the huge array available, and learning basic lingo and etiquette before you play, there are a couple of definite don’ts.

Sticking with these should help you to have the fantastic time that is so possible and that you so deserve when you play online bingo.

Don’t Show Off

Don’t boast or be arrogant in any way if you win your bingo game – it won’t make you any friends. You don’t like it when others gloat, so avoid the temptation to do it yourself. Be grateful for their congratulations, but don’t congratulate yourself too much. A bad winner is as off-putting as a sore loser!

Don’t Overspend

You’ve no doubt heard this rule at least a dozen times before, but let’s say it again, because it’s worth repeating: stick to your budget! Don’t play with money you can’t afford to lose, and don’t chase your losses. Bingo is a fun and social event, and any wins you make should be considered pleasant surprises. Make sure you hold on to this point of view.

Don’t Share Personal Information

Never give out any details to anyone who is asking for them in an online bingo chatroom. Not to anyone. Not ever. It doesn’t matter if they promise they are the pope, your mother’s long-lost best friend from childhood or a young victim with a rare form of cancer. It’s not going to be true, and you’re going to regret it.

Don’t Ever Argue

If you ever see members in the chatroom that you’re in engaged in any kind of disagreement, avoid it like the plague. You don’t need to lower yourself and get dragged into anything like that. Always let the chatmaster sort it out. That’s one of the reasons they’re there, they’re trained to be able to deal with such things and, very importantly, they are getting paid to do it!

Don’t Refresh the Page

Never refresh the page after you’ve made a deposit. Rogue payment processors may take your money twice if you do, and you don’t need us to tell you that this is not a very desirable state of affairs. For the same reason, don’t push the back arrow key.

Don’t Stay Online Too Long

You’ll play a better game and have more fun if you take regular breaks. Stretch your legs, get something to eat, and make sure you look away from your screen from time to time.

Don’t Give Away Your Bonuses

Some sneaky players in chatrooms may befriend you and ask you for your bonuses, pleading poverty, and as a compassionate person you may be tempted to comply. Don’t. This takes the benefit away from you, and you never know how much or little anyone actually has in their account. This can also set up dangerous patterns, in which actions or favourites form in previously friendly and pleasant chatrooms.

Don’t Abuse Customer Support

These people are always just trying to do their best, and they are human just like you. Unless they are rude or disrespectful to you, do not behave in this way with them.

Don’t Skip the T&C’s 

Always know exactly what you’re agreeing to, so there are no surprises and you know how best to use the bonuses that you get. As long as you know everything there is to know about the games you are playing, you should be absolutely fine.

No you know what not to do, you also know how to have the best online Bingo experience possible, so get playing!