How Old Are Casino Games?

When one considers the concept of casino games, it may seem obvious that they are only a part of our most recent history. That is to say, some think that casino games have only been around since the 1700’s. This is true with some aspects of casinos, but casino games themselves have been around for far longer than many assume.

In looking at the history of casino games, and games of chance, one gets a more thorough understanding of the development of the human race as a whole. Let’s take a look now at how casino games developed, and evolved into the towering modern casinos that we know today.

Early Games Of Chance

A pair of dice carved from bone has been discovered by archaeologists, which suggest that our ancestors were playing games of chance since the dawn of time. It seems bizarre that humans that had hardly even considered the idea of living in cities were rolling dice, but it just so happens to be true. The concept of games of chance, and gambling, has been a part of history as long as humans have walked the earth.

It’s a sobering thought, and certainly highlights how passionate humans are about games of chance. There is, of course, something very fascinating about going head to head with lady luck, and seeing if you are the winner. We know this now, and certainly knew it back when the only jobs around were hunter or gatherer.

Of course, games of chance evolved enormously since then.

Evolving Games of Chance

There were a number of games of chance that came about after the invention of playing cards, which happened in the east centuries ago. With playing cards came many new and interesting games, most of which had some sort of gambling element attached. As playing cards spread across the world, so too did the games of chance become more in-depth and intricate.

Game such as slot games were yet to come, as well as the licensing of legal casinos, but this didn’t stop our ancestors from enjoying games of chance. Evidence suggests that ancient Egyptians especially loved such games, and had versions based around small clay figures, similar to dice.

But, of course, games of chance would keep evolving, and keep becoming a more central part of civilized society.

Slot Games And Modern Casinos

For many, the invention of the slot game was the mark of the birth of modern gambling, but more modern gambling games were already becoming popular long before that. Prior to the modern slot game, roulette wheels had already been invented, and gambling parlors much like modern casinos were incredibly popular.

There may not have been electricity yet, by humans still loved to play card games, and hang out with friends enjoying gambling. Card games kept people occupied for hours, and were arguably far more popular than they are today.

Of course, the slot game was invented in the late 1800’s, and casino games entered into a new era.

Modern Casino Boom

Those experiencing slot games for the first time were blown away. The strange mechanical contraption was like nothing anyone had seen before, and become so popular, so quickly, that the manufactures could hardly keep up with demand. The new games began to appear everywhere, in waiting rooms, barbershops, and pubs, and eventually started to dominate the gambling scene.

It wasn’t long, of course, before slot games were mass-produced, and began to become a popular attraction in casinos. Today it is common for slot games to appear in their dozens in casinos, but back then it was a new and interesting development.

It was around this time that casino laws and regulations began to be more thoroughly enforced, and early version of what we see as modern casinos began to develop. The more rustic casino environments began to become for luxurious, and it wasn’t long before the first mega casinos were born.

Big Casino Boom

Today the Las Vegas skyline is cluttered with enormous mega casinos that all but take the breath away, and one can hardly imagine Vegas being any other way. But it is deceptive how quickly Vegas boomed. It was just after World War II that Vegas first started to develop, so doing the maths on how quickly it all happened isn’t hard. This makes the incredible Vegas expansion all the more impressive.

But it wasn’t just Vegas that embraced the mega-casino concept. All over the world other gambling centers had begun to develop, with the luxurious decor drawing in customers from far and wide. Fueled by the ever-increasing size of casinos in Vegas, other parts of the world began to follow suit.

The expansion quickly evolved into the casino empires we know today. And all this from our ancient ancestors, who used to play gambling games with dice made from animal bones.