Is Online Bingo Better Than Land Based?

Online bingo has exploded in popularity, more so than anyone could have predicted. In its wake it has left the land based bingo hall almost dead.

All over the world, land based bingo halls are closing down. Why is it that people prefer to play online bingo games rather than land based bingo games?

Friendly Environment

What takes most new online bingo players by surprise is the fun and friendly atmosphere that prevails at a bingo site.

Well-trained chat moderators help to generate and maintain a great atmosphere that vastly improves the usual land based bingo environment.

Meet New People in Chat Rooms

Online bingo has a very strong social side to it. There are various chat rooms where you can meet and chat with other bingo fans.

You can also connect through other social media channels. While online bingo respects the social aspects of land based bingo, it also vastly improves on it. You have a literal international audience to chat to, who are all friendly, like-minded bingo fans,

Huge Jackpot Prizes

Online bingo jackpots leave land based prizes in the dust. These jackpots are not just the standard game prizes, but also the massive progressive jackpots (or PJP’s) that can be won at Giggle Bingo. Progressive jackpots grow and grow until they pay out one massive sum.

Land based casinos cannot compete as only so many bingo players can fit into a hall. Online bingo does not have any size limitations and the more people play, the more the prize money grows.

Bonuses and Promotions

Online bingo sites are always enticing new players to sign up and enjoy real money online bingo. To encourage more people to become members, you will find great offers from online bingo sites. These offers include first deposit bonus offers; sign up bonus offers and more.

The best you could hope for with regards to promotions are perhaps a loyalty card. A loyalty card does not really compare to free money however.

Effortless Paperless Play

Online bingo transactions all occur digitally. You won’t have to keep hold of bingo tickets and you can easily manage the number dabbing on your bingo cards.

Easily Manage Your Account

Finally, managing your games, winning and new purchases is so much easier at an online bingo site. You have full control, unparalleled convenience and personal privacy all at one source.