Online Bingo Breathes New Life into an Old Favourite

Over the last couple of years, the game of Bingo has seen a meteoric rise to a level of popularity far greater than anything it ever had in its supposed heyday. And this semi-sudden turnabout is primarily the result of one major turn of events – the advent of the Internet. Whilst other forms of gambling have enjoyed consistent popularity with each passing generation and so were not necessarily made more popular by the Internet, the opposite is the case with Bingo.

The establishment of online Bingo sites amounted to a complete facelift for this all-but-forgotten game of chance. And it’s more than just sensation or novelty that enabled this to happen; the benefits of online Bingo are numerous! Lets take a look at just a few:

Interruption-Free Socialization

The social side of Bingo has always been its greatest draw card – particularly in days gone by when land-based bingo jackpots were nothing short of negligible.

The paradox, however, is that, in land-based Bingo rooms, it is seriously frowned upon to talk during games. This is not without good reason – since players need to be able to hear if their numbers are called out – but it does put rather a damper on the game’s social side.

The computer interface of online Bingo obviously does away with this issue. Did you know that online Bingo sites like this one have chat functionality that allows players to interact with each other? To make things as convenient as possible, you can also activate the auto daub feature so that your matching numbers are checked automatically so that you can get on with making new friends.


You can play online Bingo anytime, anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer or mobile device. You can then join players from all over the world to enjoy your favourite game when and where it suits you – no waiting for the next event or driving to the nearest Bingo hall.

Enormous Life-Changing Jackpots

With thousands of people signing up to play with any one site like Giggle Bingo, the jackpots up for grabs can grow to seriously impressive proportions. On this site, we have jackpots that roll into the millions. This is a whole lot more than you’ll find in the pot at your local Bingo hall where each player tosses a few notes into a jar.