Is Your Online Bingo Website Legit?

Online Bingo

There are a number of online bingo websites, so many that it can almost be difficult to choose one. Plus, each website tries to outdo every other website in an effort to attract new customers. This can create a situation where players rush to new websites eagerly, in order to take advantage of new bonuses or other special promotional deals.

But players must always be sure that the websites they are joining and creating accounts on are real, licensed, and authorized. Although it is rare in this modern era, there are still rogue websites that are not officially licensed to offer casino games, and are in fact operating outside the law. These websites can be very unscrupulous, stealing money from players, refusing to make payouts when they are won, and otherwise operating in illegal fashion.

Thankfully, it is not common that such websites exist for very long online, and are generally shut down very quickly. But it doesn’t mean that online bingo players should not still be careful about where they choose to play bingo. Let’s have a closer look.

How Does A Rogue Site Operate?

Creating websites is a great deal easier than it used to be, and the average person can create a decent website, using modern software, in short space of time. This is great for many reasons, not in the least because people can now easily create and operate their own websites. But there is also a flip side to this convenience. Those who have the intention of operating illegal websites online may also do so easier than ever before.

Unscrupulous parties can create a very convincing looking bingo website, even offering games that look and function like professional websites. But these games have been stolen and the software is being used illegally. A person not paying attention could be convinced that the website is legit, create an account, and make a deposit. They may even get to play bingo for a while. But, upon it coming time for a payout to be made, the illegal website will not make the payment.

Such websites are generally shut down very quickly; as soon as word gets round that the operation is not legal. But for the time the website does stay online, unwary players are at risk.

Spotting A Rogue Website

Thankfully, rogue websites are often easy to spot, and any bingo player paying attention should be able to avoid the risks. First, a licensed casino will always be verbal about being within the law, and display a logo that declares the website legal on the homepage. This logo generally appears in the bottom right of the homepage, and clicking on it will show the relevant legal information. Be sure to look for this logo for any new website you are visiting.

Rogue or illegal websites also tend to not have the polish of professional websites. Since the website has been put together quickly, it may appear to be sloppy in its design, or simply not appear as well put together as a professional website. This obviously doesn’t mean that every website not appearing top notch is rogue, but suspicions should be raised if the website lacks refinement.

Another red flag is if the bingo website is not forthcoming with customer support information, or the customer support centre seems very unprofessional and confused. Rogue websites normally have hackers pretending to be customer support, and don’t do a very good job. Sending a message and asking for information should quickly expose any fraud websites.

Finally, the easiest way to spot a rogue website is to do a Google search on the website, and see if it has been reported, or if others have had a bad experience. This will take just a few seconds of time, and is a pretty sure-fire wire of separating the legal from the illegal bingo websites.

Report Rogue Websites

If you come across a rogue website, be sure not to keep it to yourself. Helping others avoid the website is just the polite thing to do. Be sure to tell friends that the website is not legal, and send an email to an online casino watchdog website. There should be one operating for your region of the world. There are also a number of popular websites dedicated entirely to informing players of illegal operations.

Be sure to keep in mind, however, that rogue websites are rare. With modern online security being what it is, an illegal online bingo website will generally be shut down in just a day or two, if not a few hours. If in doubt, send a message to a bingo websites customer support centre, and Google the website, before depositing any money.

It is always best, however, to stick to mainstream, well-known websites, which have a good a reputation and many happy customers. Much like Giggle Bingo!