Should You Play Progressive Jackpot Bingo?

Every now and again, bingo players come across a game they perhaps haven’t heard of before. The first thing they usually wonder is whether or not the game is actually worth playing.

Progressive jackpot bingo is a game that new players often wonder about, especially because it has the word “jackpot” in the name. Well, we certainly think it is worth playing.

The reason we love it is because the jackpot it offers usually far surpasses the pots and prizes offered by other versions of the game.

The best part is, you don’t need to learn any new skills, because most progressive jackpot games are either 90-ball or 75-ball bingo. The only real difference between progressive jackpot bingo and regular bingo is how the jackpot works.

How Bingo Progressive Jackpots Work

If you’ve ever dabbed tickets before, you probably know that some games do not have any winners. That little fact is one of the keys to progressive jackpot bingo.

If no one wins the first game, the jackpot money from that game is added to the jackpot of the second game. If no one calls Bingo in the second game, that jackpot money then rolls over into the third game.

This keeps happening until a player wins a game and gets the lot.

Some games have jackpots that increase in size every time players buy tickets for real money. This is similar to the way progressive jackpot slots are structured. You can find out more about playing for real money on our Banking page.

If no one wins the jackpot in a game, that amount is carried over to the next, where it continues to grow in size.

Perks of Playing PJP’s

We’re sure you will agree that the biggest perk of playing progressive jackpot bingo is what happens if you actually manage to call Bingo. There are others, though!

The potential prize money is exactly what makes progressive jackpot games that much more exciting than regular bingo. Who wouldn’t enjoy all the thrills and suspense at the thought of winning a jackpot that could lead to life-changing opportunities?

Another reason we love such games is because playing them online requires almost no effort on your part. You simply have to buy the tickets, and the software does all the dabbing and calling for you.

We think progressive jackpot bingo is a fantastic way to enjoy winning opportunities.