Progressive Bingo Explained

At Giggle Bingo we always try and make new innovations to the standard game of Bingo. This isn’t just to draw new players to the great game, but it is also a cool way to keep current bingo fans entertained and happy.

With the introduction of progressive jackpot bingo, things have been taken to a whole new level of excitement and reward.

Progressive Bingo works in a very similar way to other progressive jackpot games. It can mean huge sums of money pocketed by one lucky player.

What Is A Progressive Jackpot?

Progressive jackpots work by adding little amounts from all players together to make one big prize. Progressive jackpot games are open for real money players.

Each time a player bets a certain amount, a small percentage of the bet is added to the progressive jackpot total. The house itself can also contribute to the jackpot total.

The jackpot will keep growing until it is won. The more people play the games and the longer it takes for someone to win the prize, the bigger the jackpot amount gets.

Bingo progressive jackpots are often called PJPs and they work by increasing the total jackpot amount each time a player purchases a ticket for a bingo game. Each sold ticket makes the jackpot bigger.

Where Can I Play PJPs?

Giggle Bingo offers players special rooms where they can get in on the progressive bingo action.

  • The Sunshine Room offers an entry level Progressive jackpot that starts at £/$250. The aim of the game is to get a full house (a card with all the numbers matched) in 40 called balls or less.
  • Every two days, the game will add one more ball to the 40 ball requirement until the progressive jackpot is won. Once won, the rules go back to a £/$250 minimum prize with a 40 ball or less full house requirement.
  • The Ice Breaker Room raises the stakes a bit more. The minimum jackpot amount is raised to £/$500 in this room. You will need to land a full house in 38 balls or less, but that requirement only goes up by one ball every 4 days. This means that the eventual progressive jackpot prize will get much higher than in the sunshine room.

The other progressive jackpots can be found in the Snickers Room, the Friendship Room and the Speed Bingo Room. They also follow the template of a £/$500 starting jackpot with the requirement of a 38 ball full house going up by one ball every 4 days.