Psychology of Gambling Superstitions

You might be under the impression that we live in an age where superstitions no longer hold much sway over the average person. And, in most cases you would probably be right. But the world of casinos, bingo and gambling is still rife with superstition, even if people often aren’t willing to admit it.

It is still true, however, that superstitions were much more openly addressed in days of old. It was very common in the old west, for example, for gamblers to take lucky charms into casinos. One of the most common was a stuffed rabbit’s foot, which players could be seen rubbing at the roulette tables. Another was a lucky silver dollar. You may not see people carrying around such things these days, of course, but there is still superstition if you care to look for it. And it’s almost certain that bingo enthusiasts enjoy online games more when wearing their lucky underwear or hat!

Let’s take a quick look at some modern superstitions, and understand where they come from.

Modern Superstitions

There are many who will throw a tantrum if cards are dealt in the wrong order. This may be more linked to the idea that cheating is sometimes done via dealing cards in an incorrect order, but many insist on the correct order due to more superstitious perceptions. Either way, if a professional dealer does deal cards in the wrong order, it is certainly not something to ignore. Thankfully, in modern online casinos no such error could ever occur.

Other more bizarre modern superstitions include players insisting on never whistling at a gaming table, or preventing others from doing the same. This has no bearing on the game itself, but is perhaps born from a desire to concentrate when playing, and not be distracted by someone’s tune.

Yet another modern superstition demands that no one put their elbows on the table when playing. This could also be linked to a belief that a person may cheat when doing so, but is probably just a superstition, and likely one passed down from the old days.

Some are still superstitious to more extreme levels, and may perhaps even be considered to be suffering from a mild mental disorder. Some, for example, insist on only wearing very specific clothes when gambling, and will refuse to play otherwise. Even more extreme is those who follow strict schedules on days that they play bingo or casino games, which can verge on the outrageous. It is still, however, simply superstition, regardless of how odd it begins to seem.

What Is Superstition?

Having looked at a few superstitions, let’s now understand how they came about. If asking those who study human thought patterns, they will tell you that a superstition is simply a way to try and make order of the unknown. All casino games have an element of luck, based around statistics and probability, and the human mind often isn’t very fond of such notions.

When faced with something like chance, the mind tends to try and enforce some sort of order. And, in doing so, turns to very clearly unlinked elements. Hence, a person will attach their luck to other things, such as clothing, patterns in the environment, and other such things.

Interestingly, however, if directly asked, superstitious people will often simply laugh and say they are not superstitious. Look away for a second, however, and they will rub their lucky rabbit’s foot. This demonstrates that most superstitious people are aware of how silly the beliefs are, even if they can’t entirely convince themselves of it.

Just Good Fun

But then most modern superstitions really aren’t anything sinister at all. There is very little harm in having a lucky object, and it can even go a long way to making a casino game more entertaining. In fact, some casinos are known to hand out souvenir lucky items to guests, such as artificial four leafed clovers. There is very little harm in such a thing. Some online bingo sites likewise give similar gifts to players, awarding digital good luck toys to those who score big wins. The player is allowed to display the charm when playing multiplayer games.

Unhealthy Superstition

On the other hand, those mentioned that have their lives disrupted by superstitions are taking the novel idea a bit too far. It has been reported that there are some who can spend great deals of time undergoing a ritualistic schedule before allowing themselves to play. For example, the person will perform various tasks around their house, which can sometimes take hours of time. Only once the tasks are done will the person play a casino game, believing that they have satisfied some sort of requirement for luck to be on their side.

What’s Your Superstition?

But for the vast majority superstitions are a fun way to make their time playing online bingo games more fun. What’s your superstition? Do you like to play with your cat as a companion, who grants good luck when petted? Or maybe you only play when having a bit of wine from your favourite glass? Either way, we hope it brings you luck and that you are the first to call BINGO!