The Reality of AR Bingo

We’ve looked at what AR Bingo would be like, so now we are going to take a look at how it would work!

Augmented Reality Bingo is perhaps the next big step in real money gaming. There aren’t any current Augmented Reality games in development for Bingo, but it is an exciting activity to think about what AR could mean for Bingo.

AR and VR Differences

It is important to make a distinction between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. These terms are often, mistakenly, used interchangeably. Virtual Reality entails a complete virtual world; computer generated, and then interacted with by a player.

Augmented Reality is when the real world is visually altered to provide additional information and entertainment. The real world image will need to be captured by some form of camera before being displayed to the user with computer-generated overlays.

The two things are quite different, with Augmented Reality requiring different devices and processes to provide the user with feedback. You need a device to capture a real-world display, then you need special software to orient the image being captured and then display interactive items over that display.

Virtual Reality, on the other hand, simply requires an immersive display and perhaps a hand held motion tracker or two.

Compatibility With Devices

In theory, Augmented Reality Bingo should be playable with any camera enabled device. The most recent example of this is the Smartphone game, Pokémon Go. Players need to travel through the real world, looking through their phone camera, awaiting the arrival of the Pokémon monsters to battle and capture.

This game integrated the Smartphone camera with its GPS functionality and Google Maps to run this Augmented Reality game. A Smartphone is the most basic piece of hardware you will need to be able to play a Augmented Reality Bingo game, but there have been many more high-tech devices released, specifically for Augmented Reality gaming.

Notably, Google had their Google Glass product, which was a wearable pair of glasses that displayed Augmented Reality features on the lenses so the user could easily and unobtrusively experience AR features.

For example, if you walk past any popular landmark, the AR glasses will pick up what you are looking at and where you are in the world, then display helpful or interesting information regarding the object you are looking at.

Playing An AR Bingo Game

So how would an AR Bingo game work? Let’s go with the Pokémon Go setup and devise a game where players will only need their mobile phone. This would be ideal as it would mean players wouldn’t have to buy expensive new hardware, as with Virtual Reality gaming. Also it would be an easy transition going from mobile bingo to AR Bingo.

Based on your location, the AR Bingo game can have a variety of themes or skins of your AR display, themes that fit with your location or even your mood. You would be able to walk around the real world and find bingo games around corners. Perhaps the game can feature a treasure hunt style setup where you can follow AR trails to hidden Bingo rooms.

With the AR display, you will be able to project a bingo card on any surface. All you need is a grid with your chosen numbers and you are good to go. Part of the AR experience can even include finding tickets on your travels, then picking them up and using them.

Social Integration Features

Of course no Bingo experience is complete without social interactions. This is fortunately where AR gaming exceeds expectations. For a start, the AR tech can be used to easily spot other bingo fans.

If there were other players in your vicinity, AR Bingo would be able to notify you to their presence and use an optical display to guide you to them or to point them out to you. The possibilities available to players are limited only by the imagination.