Stretching your Bingo Budget

Stretching your Bingo Budget

Making your bingo budget last is something that is easier said than done. This is especially true for newbies who are just getting into the whole online bingo scene. Those of you who have been around for a while will have worked out all the tricks and skills to eke out your budget and keep you playing throughout the month. However, if you are new to online bingo and you are keen to started playing online; or you just want to find a way to extend the budget you already have, we have a couple of ideas that you can use.

Look for the Best Bonuses

This one is specifically for new players and it involves looking for the best welcome bonuses possible. All online bingo sites offer up bonuses of some sort or another. The most profitable of these is the welcome bonus, which can be anything from 200% to 500% of your initial deposit. Here you simply sign up, make a deposit and receive your free bonus. Obviously the higher the bonus the better. But before you jump in and sign up with just any bingo site, read the playthrough requirements carefully. Some sites offer great bonuses but will have incredibly strict playthrough requirements that essentially render the bonus useless.

Play Free Bingo Games

Free bingo games are a great feature of paid online bingo sites. Here you can join in and play bingo without having to buy a ticket and if you win, you get to keep the winnings. While the payouts are far lower than a standard bingo game, its free money at the end of the day, and who doesn’t love that. Free bingo games are scheduled throughout the day and will be listed on the bingo site. If you want to stretch out your budget, play as many free games as you can, hopefully you can win a few.

Play Low Value Games

Bingo cards come in a full range of prices to suit every type of budget. If you want to stretch out your playing time and your budget, the best way to do this is to play lower value games. While the payouts might be a little lower, you have the opportunity to buy more cards, thereby increasing your chances of winning. Putting it simply, you have more chance of winning with 50 bingo cards than you do with 5. In fact, you are 10x more likely to win. If the bingo payout is 40x lower than the higher value games, you still stand to win more at the end of the day.

Play Fixed Games

Fixed games are bingo games with a guaranteed payout. These are generally lower priced as they are skipped over for the larger bingo games where the payouts are seriously big. But if you want to keep your budget in check and extend your time in the bingo lobby, fixed games are a great way to go, and the payouts are pretty decent if you win.

Use Chat Games to Boost Your Winnings

Bingo chat games are designed to keep players interacting and entertained throughout their bingo session. They also have the added bonus of paying out small prizes for game winners. If you are finding that your bingo budget is just not stretching as far as you would like, you can win a bit of extra bingo credit by playing chat games.

When in a bingo session, keep an eye on the chat host for a message that may read something like “chat game on”. The game could be anything from I Spy to general knowledge, famous celebrities or ingredients in a Jamaican cocktail. If you are the first person in the chat room to solve the clue or answer the question, you will be rewarded with bingo credit so you can continue playing at your leisure.