The Art of Bingo

Bingo has a long history. The game was first invented in 1929 as a game of chance, where players had to match numbers in different arrangements on pre-printed 5×5 cards. The host of the game would draw out numbers at random. Players would then have to mark the numbers with tiles on their cards. If they happened to find that the selected numbers match up in a row on their card, they would have to shout out “Bingo”, which would then allow the host to examine the card and give the player a chance of winning. This is the original American bingo game.

However, since its inception, there have been many variations to the bingo game, making it more fun, more exciting and keeping it modernised. While bingo halls and bingo at land-based casino are still enormously popular, it is the world of the online bingo platforms that have really led to the development of the game and the modernised versions which are now so popular.

Modernised Bingo 

There are many variations of modernised bingo available, and players keen to try these might be in luck when they visit Giggle Bingo. Giggle Bingo is a Microgaming online casino platform that specialises in bingo games, offering a wide range of bingo variations to its players. This is in addition to standard online casino games.

The Giggle Bingo Variations

Players can choose to play 90-ball bingo games and 75-ball bingo games when they visit Giggle Bingo. There are numerous options on Giggle Bingo, presented in the so-called ‘rooms’ of Giggle Bingo. These include the Snickers room, Grapevine room, Easy Wins room, Immortal Romance room, and various other casino games as well, which can be opened as mini games under the bingo cards so players can enjoy a two-in-one scenario. Each of these rooms has a different theme, allowing for non-stop fun, laughter and entertainment at Giggle Bingo.

Member Support

Not only does Giggle Bingo offer its members the best in terms of bingo variations, but they also ensure that their members are well taken care of. The online casino platform offers high-value jackpots, live chat interaction with other bingo members to create that interactive feel, full support, a no-deposit welcome bonus, match bonuses on four initial deposits, a loyalty programme and access to all bingo rooms and other online casino games.

How Online Bingo Differs

Even though bingo at Giggle Bingo offers players variations on the classic game and a range of themes for non-stop entertainment, the actual game itself harks back to the original. There are, however, a few differences that players can take note of while playing online bingo.

For one, there is no need to shout out “Bingo” when players find they match a row of numbers. Instead, the online platform will automatically call “Bingo” on behalf of the player.

Players may play standard bingo games, with each game lasting an average of between 2 and 4 minutes, but players can also choose to play speed bingo, where each game lasts about a minute and a half to 2 minutes.

Making Sure It Is Safe 

Of course, one of the criticisms of bingo having moved online is the issue of safety. At Giggle Bingo, however, this is of no concern. All Giggle Bingo games are fully monitored and any safety, security or privacy issues are taken care of. Players can enjoy Giggle Bingo games knowing that their financial and personal details are kept safe and private at all times.

This allows them to simply sit back, relax and enjoy the game with the convenient online transaction environment, interaction popular in land-based bingo halls and the luxury of fun and entertainment.