The Finer Points of Mobile Bingo Etiquette

The Finer Points of Mobile Bingo Etiquette

Etiquette is one of the things that helps make the world go round. If no one bothered minding their manners, the world’s homes, villages, towns, and cities would probably go up in flames within 10 minutes.

Another way of putting it is that etiquette is the lubricant of social intercourse. It applies to how we behave at dinner tables, at funerals, on trains and buses, and in countless other situations.

When some players think of mobile bingo etiquette, they tend to limit it to how they interact with other players when using Giggle Bingo’s live chat feature. We certainly agree that this is perhaps the most obvious point of etiquette; however, there are a few finer points that can help ensure your experience of dabbing tickets when on the move is a happy one, both for you and for those around you.

Mind Your Mobile Bingo Manners

Enjoy the silence. We know the hilarious sound effects add even more fun to the 75-ball, 90-ball, and casino mini-games at Giggle Bingo, but if you’re playing in public, especially in close places such as on public transport, bear in mind that not everyone around you might share your enthusiasm. Use the sound controls to turn off the sound.

Be mindful of where you are. Some places just aren’t appropriate for dabbing tickets on your smartphone or tablet. If you’re at a wedding or a funeral, in a library or cinema, or attending a staff meeting or a school talent show, log out and put your phone away. Our bingo games aren’t going anywhere, so you can always log in and play later.

Pay attention to friends and family. If you’re spending time with friends or family, whether around the dinner table at home or at the annual reunion picnic, focus on those around you – even if great uncle Algernon is repeating that story about the budgerigar for the 500th time.

Watch the WiFi. Many spaces and places such as coffee shops offer free WiFi. Some of your friends may even have WiFi at home. Don’t be tempted to play mobile bingo on their bandwidth. There’s no harm in using it if you need to check for an urgent, important email, but don’t dab your tickets.

As you can see, most mobile bingo etiquette is little more than good old common sense. Find out more about Giggle Bingo on our Games page.