Tips to Prevent Gambling Addiction

For most people, playing bingo and gambling online is a fun and exciting way to spend a few hours and possibly win some decent cash in the process. But not everyone is able to just stop playing when they have reached their limit or when it is just not fun anymore. For a lot of people, excessive gambling and online gambling addiction is a serious issue. What starts out as a pleasurable experience becomes an all-consuming compulsive need. Gambling addiction can play havoc on your social life, your finances and even your career.

Fortunately, not everyone is prone to gambling addiction. But how do you know if you have a problem? As a supporter of responsible play, Giggle Bingo takes a look at the early warning signs of addiction and simple, effective tips to help prevent online gambling addiction. If you or someone you know relates to any of the following warning signs, it is probably a good idea to take preventative measures.

Warning Signs

  • You hide your online gambling activities from family and friends
  • You keep playing even though it is not fun anymore
  • You tend to play until your online account is completely empty
  • You always end up spending more than you budget for on gambling activities
  • You feel like you cannot pull yourself away from the game until you’ve win
  • You lose track of time and play until late into the night
  • Your thoughts always lead back to how you can improve your winnings
  • You make excuses for why you should go back online and play some more


If you find yourself agreeing with many of the warning signs, it is a good idea to regulate your gambling activities until you have a handle on how much you are spending every week. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to prevent gambling addiction from taking hold of your life. The following tips will certainly help you curb your spending and improve your overall online gambling experience.

Set a Budget

Before you even start playing for the week or the evening, have a budget in advance for the amount of money that you want to spend on the session. Once you have spent your budget, stop playing straight away. Do not reach for the credit card or give into the temptation of transferring funds through from another account. A budget is there for a reason. It is also possible to set daily and weekly limits at online casinos and bingo sites. Here at Giggle Bingo, you can set specific limits on what you can spend each day or week. Once your limit is spent, you will not be able to play for real money.

Set a Time Limit

Another approach it set a time limit for how long you would like to play each day. This works best if you set a timer that will sound an alarm when your time is up. As it becomes easy to lose track of time when you play, setting a time limit is vital to curbing your spending.

When your time is up, step away from the computer, shut down the game and take comfort in the fact that tomorrow, you can start playing all over again without maxing out your account. It may also be a good idea to schedule in time to play on a weekly planner to adjust your budget accordingly.

Keep Away from the Booze

Everyone knows that alcohol reduces your ability to make informed decisions. Alcohol also lowers your inhibitions and makes it easier to overspend. One of the best ways to ensure that you stay focused on what you are spending online is to not drink.

While this might sound silly, you will be surprised at how this can affect your decision making abilities and actually improve your chances of winning. If alcohol is a regular addition to your online playing schedule, be sure to set self-imposed deposit limits at the casino or bingo site. This will ensure that you cannot make additional deposits when your funds run out.

For many people, gambling is a way to cope with the daily stresses of life and uncomfortable emotions. People often turn to online gambling as way to escape from the world and deal with their grief, anger or fear. However cathartic this may be, transferring your issues into gambling could have some seriously negative side effects. If you are feeling overwhelmed with feelings of uncontrollable anxiety or stress, it is best to seek help from family and friends instead of losing yourself in addiction.

Play for Fun

One of the most important rules when playing online is to simply have fun. While online gambling can certainly boost your bankroll, your goal should always be to play for fun and not to use gambling as a source of income.

Many players seeking to earn a living off of gambling end up with a serious gambling addiction and often end up bankrupt and borrowing money to support themselves. When you do win some decent cash, take the money and spend it on something you enjoy doing. Walk away from the game and keep your experience a positive one from beginning to end.